7 of the best video SEO tutorials currently out there

If you’re looking to enhance your skills, video SEO tutorials are a great (and free) tool.

The problem?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of search engine optimisation tutorials out there – so how do you know which are worth your time?

Thankfully, Embryo’s team of SEO experts have done the work for you.

This way, you can be sure that you’ll only get the best results and won’t get any SERP-rises…

Let’s get to it!

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7 SEO tutorials hand-picked by our experts

We’ve explored the best SEO video tutorials available to ensure you are provided with relevant information to improve your skillset.

1) Ahrefs

From the brilliant Sam Oh (Vice President of Ahrefs), this SEO tutorial takes it right back to basics.

It covers:

Video Source: Ahrefs

2) Google Search Central

What better place to learn about SEO than Google itself?!

This video from Google Search Central is one of a sixteen-part series titled ‘Seach for Beginners’.

It may just be three minutes long, but it sure covers a lot!

Video Source: Google Search Central

3) Matt Diggity

As the founder of Diggity Marketing, Leadspring, The Search Initiative, and Authority Builder, Matt Diggity knows his stuff about SEO.

In this video not only is he joined by a great t-shirt, but he also delves into the three key pillars of SEO:

Video Source: Matt Diggity

4) SimpliLearn

As an online bootcamp, people who take SimpliLearn’s course report an 85% career benefit, such as a promotion or new role.

This video gives a complete overview of SEO and the basic principles.

Video Source: SimpliLearn

5) Brian Dean

Brian Dean is very well-respected in the world of SEO, and this video is no exception.

He breaks down the five key steps you should consider before beginning any SEO campaign.

Video Source: Brian Dean

6) Digital Darts

From Digitial Darts, this SEO tutorial focuses on the ever-elusive featured snippets.

This video highlights how to optimise your content to help gain that valuable number-one spot.

Video Source: Digital Darts

7) edureka!

What doesn’t this SEO tutorial cover?!

This one breaks everything down to ensure you get a comprehensive understanding of SEO.

Video Source: edureka!

Forget about an SEO tutorial… How about we do it for you?

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