Using the Power of Content to Increase HSS Hire’s Organic Keywords by 66%


Who is HSS Hire?

HSS Hire is the UK’s premier supplier of tool and equipment hire. From drills and floor sanders right the way through to diggers and excavators, HSS allows people to carry out complex DIY projects on their homes or businesses for a fraction of the cost thanks to their comprehensive hiring solutions.

The Brief

Unlock New Audiences at Different Stages of the Sales Funnel

HSS came to Embryo last year wanting to unlock new audiences with fresh, innovative digital marketing campaigns. Already established as a household name, the equipment hiring company wanted to go further and expand their online market share, and wider brand awareness.

Whilst HSS were and continues to, do incredibly well with online users that knew they wanted to hire a piece of equipment for a DIY project, they had not made the headway they wanted to with customers who were still exploring their options, those at the top and middle of the sales funnel.

Having seen a demonstration of our proprietary technology, Intermingle, which allows a user to view multiple search engine results pages for dozens of different keywords, HSS felt that Embryo was the perfect agency to help them create content that met the needs of those people in the Messy Middle.

Our Approach

Using Content to Educate, Build Trust, and Convert Those in the Messy Middle into Customers

To build trust with the new customers that HSS wanted to attract we knew that an organic content marketing campaign would be the most effective method. The people that we targeted on behalf of HSS weren’t yet ready to make a purchase and therefore wouldn’t be receptive to PPC paid advertising or paid social adverts.

After liaising with HSS’ in-house SEO team we began to develop our understanding of their products, priorities, and current marketing situation. During this consultation process, we began to learn who they wanted to target, those who were about to carry out home improvement plans, and the problems HSS were facing in reaching them, mainly the presence of competitors with greater online visibility.

  • 7,700

    Grew total keyword reach on HSS’ blog from 4,624 to 7,700

  • 18.6%

    Increase in the average time spent on blog pages

  • 2,862

    The total number of page-one keywords across the entire HSS site

  • 9%

    Increase in page views across the whole HSS site

Organic Strategy

Creating Valuable Content to Build Trust and Authority

After exhaustive keyword analysis, in conjunction with the aforementioned in-house SEO team at HSS, we identified multiple long-tail keywords that we felt confident we could help HSS rank for with fresh, in-depth guide content.

The content we created was value-led and designed to build trust with new audiences in the evaluation phase of their purchase journey and increase their awareness of HSS’ hiring options. By building trust and awareness we were confident that these pages would convert those users in the top and middle of the sales funnel into those completing purchases on HSS’ site, as opposed to a competitor.

On top of reams of fresh content, our writers combed through HSS’ older pieces of content and identify pages which had potential, provided they were updated. The team went in and optimised these pages, added fresh content, and focused on internal linking so that they could be a part of HSS’ push for larger online visibility.

To increase the usability of these guide pages, we knew that the written word wouldn’t be enough and so leveraged the fantastic how-to videos that HSS had on their Youtube channel, and inserted relevant snippets throughout the pages.

Another key facet of our organic content strategy involved creating content that helped HSS sell more seasonal products during peak periods of demand.

This involved consultation with HSS to determine which products were in demand when, and creating optimised content months in advance to ensure that HSS was ranking for them when peak demand hit.

The final flourish in our content strategy surrounded internal linking. By comprehensively linking to existing product pages which have a history of performing well from the new guide content we sent signals to Google that this website was an authority on the topics it was writing about.

Conscious internal linking strengthens HSS’ website and helps to create a pyramid of content which starts with the top-level product pages and spreads to ontologically rich guide content.

Our approach and the results we achieved for HSS were aided by their already strong domain authority and online presence. It provided the perfect platform for them to rank for those long-tail keywords being searched by users exploring their options.

Our approach and success also exemplify the power of content marketing and the opportunities that are out there for businesses to rank for hundreds of long-tail keywords that build trust and awareness with audiences, even if you’re already enjoying massive online success.

Embryo Creates Content That Search Engines and Customers Love.


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