Round Up: SEO (July 23)

2023 is a big year for search, with both Bing and Google introducing AI chatbots and preparing for a full revamp of their search results.

However, behind the scenes, Google has been making non-AI-related moves that will have a big impact on search and the day-to-day life of an SEO.

We’ve collected some key highlights from July and summarised them below, to get help get you up to speed quickly!

We know that the world of SEO can be a pretty hectic one at times and while you’re busy running a business, knowing which update affects what can be tricky. Thankfully, here at Embryo, we have a team of search engine optimisers who spend their time optimising and fine-tuning websites to rank well.

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July’s SEO News: Google’s Continuous Testing

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That concludes the most important topics discussed this month. At Embryo, we use news like this to improve the accuracy and quality of our SEO strategies and theorise about the future of search – making sure we’re always working towards organic growth. For more information or assistance from our experts, contact us at 0161 327 2635 or email [email protected].

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