Round-Up: Paid Social (July 2023)

Constant change is something that social media and paid social are well accustomed to. Its fast-paced, ever-changing nature is an integral part of its character, so it’s no wonder that it’s a struggle to remain in the loop of what’s been going on.

Social media is inescapable, it’s everywhere and becoming evidently more prominent in our lives every day. Luckily, here at Embryo, we have rounded up all the most important social media news stories to help you feel less overwhelmed and more up-to-date with what’s been happening.

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10 of the Most Important Social Media Stories from the Last Few Weeks

  1. Twitter rebrands to ‘X’, with the recognisable bird logo switching to a black ‘X’ and Elon Musk looking to change the default colour to black.
  2. Snapchat introduces new 3D bitmojis– a crucial step in Meta advancing its metaverse. This development is a glimpse at the future of digital communication.
  3. Reddit launches ‘r/Place’, a blank public art canvas that seems to have just inspired protests from users against the CEO. Well, that backfired!
  4. TikTok introduces posts that are entirely text-based, expanding the options of what content can be produced.
  5. TikTok contributes to anti-ageing ideals with its viral ‘aged’ filter, showing users how they could appear when they look older.
  6. Emojipedia shares the most used emojis of 2023 for world emoji day. Coming in the top spot was the crying emoji, with the laughing emoji achieving second place.
  7. Zuckerberg’s new Threads app has 100m users in less than five days, having an opposing agenda of ‘kindness’ compared to Musk’s controversial control of Twitter.
  8. recently filed patent from Meta sees that they aim to log ‘voice prints’ as a means of authentication- no, your Facebook isn’t listening to you, but it soon could be!
  9. A new partnership sees Meta bring Roblox to Quest VR, an expansion to VR gaming that targets youngsters. It soon won’t be necessary to leave your bedroom for an adventure.
  10. TikTok executive admits how Australian Users’ data has been accessed by employees in China. However, the head of data security reassures that employees can’t get access without approval and justification.

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We hope this pretty much sums up what’s occurred in the turbulent social media industry this past month. It’s a lot to grasp, so this digestible list is just a snapshot of how much can happen within social media and paid social in just a few weeks.

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