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Video: Mike King on the evolution of link building – Search Engine Land

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  • Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with Michael King of iPullRank to discuss his experience within SEO.
  • In this interview, I asked Mike about what led him to move from working at several marketing agencies to building his own successful agency.

See this great video here.

Holy Grail SEO: High Volume, Low Competition Keywords

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  • This is also why you should be spending more of your time finding and developing content around high volume, low competition keywords, and topics.
  • Bottom line: high DR sites can go after high keyword difficulty topics and will usually rank for them; low DR sites, well, can’t.
  • Now that we have an understanding of why low competition keywords are so important to so many of us, let’s take a look at three great ways I like to find high volume, low competition keywords.
  • Another method that is really good for finding high volume, low competition keywords is by using software to help you filter through data.
  • Sometimes high DR sites can be goldmines for low competition, high volume topics.

6 Best Practices for Email and Link Building Campaigns

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  • Most people have a love/hate (mostly hate) with their email inbox, but distributing your content or guest post inquiries through email is the best way to build links.
  • Without further ado, here are six components of the best email practices for link building.
  • As I mentioned above, you can use Google search queries and social media to find the right audience.
  • There are several tools available to find your contact’s email address and keep track of your link building campaigns-organization is key here.
  • Use alerts like [Data], [Survey], [Report], or [Map] to describe your content.

Where Do Link Building Campaigns Go Wrong?

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  • Despite the awareness of the significance of links, few understand how to launch, execute, and maintain a successful link building campaign.
  • For businesses that understand the value of link building, but aren’t necessarily getting the most out of it, it can be helpful to examine where other link building campaigns have gone wrong.
  • Also referred to as link earning, this approach involves publishing content and enticing people to link to your content based on its quality and relevance.
  • The second type is manual link building, which involves the process of discovering and securing linking opportunities on other websites and blogs.

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  • In a recent Google Webmasters hangouts , John Mueller talks about what exactly is a “good” link and how webmasters can get them.
  • It’s a simple question but it’s a very good one as well because this helps SEOs and web designers find out what exactly is a good link in Google’s standards.
  • The webmaster asked another great question about how to “naturally” build links.

Blogger Outreach Strategies Get Real Links and Results

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  • The going gets trickier when you need to add multiple clients to enrich the mix in your link outreach process.
  • When enough data is gathered, the team brainstorms upon the number of link prospects needed to align with your desired conversion rates and response.
  • Once the links have been acquired, the link building team adds the URL containing the link to your content.

Link Earning: What Is It and How Do I Utilize It?

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  • It’s important to understand link earning and to know the difference between earning and building links.
  • The best way to achieve higher organic rankings is by having high-authority websites link back to you and your page.
  • Link earning provides this organic ranking and allows for customers, potential customers, and anyone reading content from the other sites to easily find you.
  • With link earning, you are gaining website traffic, brand awareness, authority, and allowing people searching for other topics to still find your site.
  • Be sure to keep watch over who might be linking back to your site, and alert Google if you see any links to your page being used nefariously.

How to Streamline SEO Link Building?

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  • It must be noted that the link building process with any SEO campaign is not only the most important aspect of any campaign but is also a process of great difficulty.
  • In order to ensure the overall efficiency of the campaign, the link building process is very important.
  • We must be aware of the fact that content marketing and link building cannot be done separately, they go hand in hand.
  • In order to grow organic inbound traffic to your website or e-commerce store, SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) strategies stand as the most important tools for any marketer working in the digital world.

How to avoid an SEO nightmare when changing domain names

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Tell-Tale Red Flags that Signal Trouble during a Link Profile Audit

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  • If Link Detox shows the SUSP26 rule triggered, you’ll know that your link has been listed on a voting directory, which is bad news just the same, since these directories are used mostly to sell links.
  • Similarly, Sitewide footer links are also bad news and never works in anybody’s best interests unless you’re a known brand.
  • These are sites that make shady claims-that they’ll make you rank #Number 1 in two days!-and often seem like they’re a great catch.
  • Often shady sources use the same name multiple times on a number of domains, which is also symptomatic of a link network.
  • If Link Detox finds multiple domains linking back to the same Google Analytics account, you have a possible link network on your hand.
  • Similarly, Link Detox can help detect possible link networks by identifying multiple domains that link back to the same Google AdSense Publisher ID.

Weekly Wisdom with Ross Tavendale: How to Discover the ROI of SEO

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  • Very simply, we are going to use the Supermetrics plugin for Google Sheets and the SEMrush API to get some top-level information to get a rough idea of what we can do for these senior stakeholders.
  • So when we look at it here, between position five and ten, they have got 490 keywords that drive about 1.2 million clicks before we even get onto any optimizations.
  • Inside these 1.2 million clicks, if I can get the client three to ten percent of those clicks by just bumping them from position eight, on average, to position five on average, you are an absolute hero, but you have not gone in and said, “Oh hey.
  • It is just the front page of the SEMrush site audit tool and seeing that the site health is 41 percent.


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