All Your Staff Should Be Content Creators

A traditional company will rely on one department to create and distribute content to the world. But, in modern-marketing, being traditional is business-suicide.

Here at Embryo, we believe in being metronomic, and, to be metronomic, the whole team has to be ticking. From strategy directors, business development and operations managers, website developers, graphic designers and SEO managers, we are all required to chip in. The benefits of this metronomic mentality around content creation are in abundance.

Workplaces are full of individuals with their own stories and their own way of telling them. So, why keep that hidden? Without a doubt, it can be challenging to rally everyone around the importance of content creation – especially those not within the marketing department – but in doing so, you add an entirely new, relevant angle to what you produce.

What other benefits does this bring?

Your Business Becomes Human

There is no one out there more suited to telling your brand’s story other than the people working in it. When you rally your own team together to create content, they themselves become the face of the company, and everyone finds it easier to look at your brand and relate to it.

A study by the Edelman Trust Barometer found that 67% of consumers trust “company technical experts,” while only 43% trust CEOs. Employee generated content is often more authentic than company-produced content. Therefore, consumers are more likely to trust what individuals have to say over any corporate communication.

Matching content with a face helps brands gain consumer trust.

Express Your Company Culture

Whether they know it or not, your team members live and breathe your company culture every day – because they created it, and by getting them to create content, your culture is expressed through it.

For example, our blog and our social media platforms all follow the same tone of voice. This isn’t something that has happened on purpose, but it is the result of Embryo’s culture. How we talk to a client on the phone or a friend in the kitchen, is how we talk online.

Does your company culture involve a beer and a fun game on a Friday? Great – take a Boomerang for Instagram. Does your business have a meeting at the start of every week? If so, why not write a blog about it.

Sometimes you just have to think outside the box, and the great thing about having every hand on deck is that there are also more brains!

Your Marketing Becomes Metronomic

Marketing departments can get overwhelmed when they’re the only team members producing content. This can lead to a loss of focus in other areas as they become consumed by deadlines, which further crushes creativity. Distributing content creation amongst the entire company can help reduce the risk of marketing burnout, revitalises creative energy and frees up some time.

Because of this, the marketing arm of your business will be metronomic.

The more quality content a team produces, the better the results. When employees contribute consistently, content marketing generates more website traffic, leads, and sales.

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