Bringing An Apprentice On Board Proves An Excellent Choice

It’s always great getting to welcome a new team member, especially when it’s one who’s starting their career with us. We’d like to introduce you all to Thom, our new Content Executive/Apprentice Extraordinaire – who’s had a great first week with us learning the ropes and writing for clients spanning various industries. We’re already impressed by his skill set and are sure he’ll make a great addition to our lovely team.

We asked Thom a couple of questions about what made him want to work for us and how he’s finding life in #teamembryo so far…

You had a lot of choice when it came to picking a digital marketing agency, so what made Embryo stand out?

‘’Embryo is a growing and ambitious agency so it looked like the perfect opportunity for me to enter the industry and learn the trade that I’ve always been passionate about. I remember thinking in the interview how switched on you as an agency seem, and how in touch you are with the clients. After that, there really was no other alternative.’’

What have you enjoyed so far about the role?

‘’Where to begin. I think it’s a combination of how supportive the team is of each-other – everyone always seems happy to help and nothing is ever too much trouble – and how varied my schedule is. I like that one day I’m writing about sports, and then the next it’s aesthetics. I’m gaining great knowledge of varied writing styles and that can only enhance my skill set.’’

What are you most looking forward to about the role?

‘’The chance to start working with the team and use my creativity to help boost our clients’ performance. The opportunity to improve as a writer while broadening my skill set and learning how to get the most out of digital marketing.’’

What advice do you have for other apprentices looking for the first big step in their career?

‘’Finding the right role can take time, so be patient, but be prepared to work hard. For example, I studied creative writing and journalism at university and did some great internships that showed my desire to work within a content-based role. When you get the opportunity to show anyone how great you are, give them reasons to believe in you. When you’re lucky enough to get an opportunity such as I have with Embryo, ensure that you work as hard as everyone else there.’’

When you aren’t working hard, what do you do in your spare time?

‘’I’m a complete book-worm and movie nerd, and spend most of my free time indulging in those passions. I’m also a passionate NUFC fan.’’

Thank you for choosing us Thom! Keep up the great work!


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