How to write great B2B content

Here at Embryo, the content team loves writing and reading blogs that have great and actionable tips for writing great content. But when it comes to tips and guides about content marketing, a lot of it often revolves around B2C marketing. In a way, it’s often easier to write engaging and personalised content when it’s targeting consumers directly. In contrast, writing content aimed at other businesses can often come across as stale and uninteresting. 

But the truth is that this doesn’t need to be the case at all. Just because you are writing content for other businesses doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t aim to captivate your reader. As a content marketer, you need to be putting the same time and energy into your B2B content – but how do you do this? Let’s look at some tips for writing good B2B content. 

Create shareable content

While shareability and virality through social media may be something we most commonly attribute to B2C content, the truth is that this is becoming an increasingly important part of B2B marketing as well. Here at Embryo Digital, we understand that professionals are actually more likely to share a piece of informative and authoritative content on a platform like LinkedIn, increasing its visibility in the given industry. 

Perhaps the key word here is authority. By creating content that is well researched, data driven, analytical and authoritative, you can position the content as industry leading and massively increase its appeal online. 

Keep things simple

When you are writing content for businesses, it’s important to understand the priorities and busy day to day schedule of your potential reader. Business owners and business leaders tend to work throughout the day and don’t have much time to spend reading non essential content. This is why making content that quick, accessible and easy to read works so well for B2B marketing. A consumer might read something for fun or entertainment – someone making decisions for a business has less time for you to impress them. 

Three to six minute reads are often the perfect length for B2B content designed at targeting new readership, while homepage and service page content benefits from long form, detailed and thorough informative content for those business readers hoping to research your service. Your tone will always depend on the industry and your target audience, but B2B marketing generally benefits from a simple, natural and slightly conversational tone. 

Use analytics

Valuable B2B content should be authoritative, well researched and, if possible, data driven. This is why content that is backed up by analytics performs particularly well here. You can tell your target audience a story through numbers, backing up what you say and having your professionalism shine through. 

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