Get More With Advert Extensions

So you’ve got to the top of Google – Success! But are you making the most of your prime position? Being in those golden spots and really utilising it should be at the top of every business owner’s priority list. It’s important in our digital age to not get left behind or be missing something your competitors have always been doing.

What Are Advert Extensions?

To be simple about it, advert extensions expand your advert with additional information. The more real estate your advert acquires not only makes it more eye catching, but also limits the amount of competitor adverts that can appear – making you the potential favourite for clicks. Also, with more information available to potential customers on your adverts, then it’s less likely it is that you will be receiving (and paying for) irrelevant clicks.
Having more reasons ie. more information available, gives more reason for a person to click through and choose your business. Google says that for each ad extension Click Through Rates can see a potential increase of several percentage points, somewhere between 10 – 15%, so why would you not include them?
Advert extensions come in various formats, some of which I will cover below. Take note because when these are implemented properly they can really take your ad to the next level!


Sitelinks allow you to show more information on your ad with links below. Each must link to a separate page, that is relevant to your website and take you to a specific page there. It gives more information about what you can offer potential customers and also allows them to see more of what you’re about before clicking your advert, which, essentially, can save you money!

Facts & Tips:

  • Sitelinks can be added at account, campaign or ad group level.
  • Sitelinks show in a variety of ways – depends on device, ad position etc.
  • They can be manual or automatic.
  • They’re free to add, you are only charged for the clicks from people viewing the ad – sitelink clicks are equal to the CPC on the headline.
  • You can edit your Sitelink without losing data.
  • You can create a schedule for your links including start and end dates.
  • You can link to social sites using Sitelinks.


Callout extensions allow you to add even more information to your advert, below your copy. Take it as adding something you’d like to shout about or call out about! Before a user clicks on your advert, you are able to set expectations of the services you’re offering, for example, maybe you’re offering free shipping or maybe you have a price match promise.

Facts & Tips:

  • Callouts are flexible and customisable .
  • Google recommends creating four callouts per ad.
  • Try not to repeat yourself in your ad copy and callouts, the more unique information on your ad the better!
  • Be specific in your callouts to make them more effective.

Structured Snippets

As is the common theme here, Structured Snippets allow for even more information to be added to your advert. You don’t have complete freedom, but you do get to choose from the following types of headers, and then choose from a variety of values within them: amenities, brands, courses, degree programmes, destinations, featured hotels, insurance coverage, models, neighbourhoods, service catalogue, shows, styles and types. Within these headers, you’ll have values, which are the specifics of what your business offers.

Facts & Tips:

  • You can add up to ten values per header, and you must have a minimum of three.
  • You can have a maximum of two structured snippets showing.
  • Use structured snippets to focus on tangibles rather than benefits.
  • The snippets must be closely related to the header or they won’t impress on Google or potential customers.

These are just a few of a wide range of extensions you should be adding to your advert. As I mentioned before, including extensions really will take your ad to the next level. Of course this isn’t the sole answer to overnight success, being able to optimise accounts and interpret data is key and this is where PPC Management comes in and allows for driving quality leads and conversions to your business!


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