7 Copywriting Tools You Need To Know About

Calling all wordsmiths – Embryo is here to shed some light on copywriting tools to supercharge your writing. As well as this, copywriting tools can also play a big part in elevating conversion rates, bolstering search engine rankings and augmenting online visibility through well-devised content marketing. They also offer invaluable assistance in keyword research and result tracking.

At Embryo, telling your story in a way that counts is a very important part of our organic content marketing strategy

These insights will help elevate your craft, whether you’re new to the world of copywriting or looking to sharpen your abilities. So sit back and take in these 7 handy tools to help you sway your audience and stick in the minds and hearts of your readers. To learn more about our digital strategy, examine our case studies, or feel free to get in touch with our team after you’ve read this blog by phone at 0161 327 2635 or emailing us with your query at [email protected].

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1. Using the Ahrefs Tool for Keyword Research to Inform Your Strategic Approach

To create copy that resonates with your target audience, you must understand their preferences, queries, pain points, or needs as well as current trends and fluctuations in these. It’s the job of an SEO specialist to research and analyse these factors before putting together a content strategy. An important tool for this is Ahrefs.

Ahrefs keyword research can reveal what is being searched for most frequently, and which keywords are popular or have recently gained or lost popularity. You can then incorporate these keywords into your copy to answer the questions internet users are asking. This hikes the SEO aspect of your copy in the eyes of search engines too, and improves its visibility for users. 

2. Click Up for Content Planning and Project Management

For broad projects involving many people, Click Up is a versatile project management platform that helps copywriters meet deadlines, boosting productivity, and delivering high-quality content.

Writers can organise assignments, set deadlines, and prioritise tasks. Content calendars assist in planning and scheduling, while document sharing simplifies the storage and access of drafts and reference materials. Its tools facilitate collaboration and communication among writers, social media teams pay-per-click specialists and clients, for seamless project coordination and feedback. 

Content calendars assist in planning and scheduling, while document sharing simplifies the storage and access of drafts and reference materials. Custom workflows and time tracking, allow writers to monitor productivity.

At Embryo, the projects we outline for your website are thoughtfully planned out, tracked and reported. If you have a project you’d like to talk to us about, give us a call on 0161 327 2635 or email us with your query at [email protected].

3. Grammarly for Grammar Checks and Amendments

Grammarly is an excellent tool for copywriters seeking to enhance the quality and effectiveness of their written content. 

With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, Grammarly offers several features which elevate writing from great to excellent, including spelling checks, suggestions for improved sentence structure and style, vocabulary enhancements, a plagiarism checker for originality, tone adjustments for better engagement, seamless integration with popular word processors and browsers for real-time corrections, and performance analytics to track writing proficiency and foster professional development. 

Suitable for short and long-form website content, blog posts, marketing materials, or emails, Grammarly can transform strong writing into error-free, engaging, and impactful copy that leaves a lasting impression.

4. Hemmingway for Readability

Hemingway Editor is one of several free-to-use writer tools that significantly aids copywriters in refining their written content for clarity and impact. It assesses the text’s readability, highlights complex sentences and passive voice, and eliminates redundancy and excessive adverbs. This prompts copywriters to simplify their content, express ideas more clearly, and use shorter, more impactful sentences, which is crucial in digital marketing and online content. 

This can be especially useful when writing about technical topics. Subjects which could be seen as difficult to digest could potentially alienate the audience. Hemingway can help you make these harder topics easier to understand.

Hemingway also offers formatting suggestions to enhance visual appeal to keep content engaging to a broader audience. It makes for a versatile companion and synergises well with Grammarly.

5. Google Search Console

Google Search Console offers insights and data to enhance your content strategies, copywriters can use GSC to analyse the keywords driving traffic to their website, helping them create content aligned with the user search queries. Google Search Console isn’t just a brilliant tool for content writers – it’s a key part of an SEO toolset too. 

Reviewing search queries and page ranking for them also aids in updating and expanding upon existing content.

By reviewing Click Through Rate data on GSC, copywriters can craft more enticing titles and meta descriptions for better user engagement. Monitoring rankings, impressions, clicks, and average positions for specific keywords helps writers track performance and refine their content strategies. Data on pages with lower CTR but high impressions can guide copywriters to optimise titles, descriptions, and content for better visibility.

6. Answer the Public

AnswerThePublic is an invaluable resource for copywriters, offering an extensive list of questions, phrases, and related keywords based on user queries in search engines.

It aids in keyword research by uncovering important long-tail keywords and trending topics, enhancing content’s search engine visibility. Moreover, it provides essential audience insights, helping writers understand their audience’s concerns and interests, which, in turn, informs content creation. 

AnswerThePublic inspires fresh content ideas, prompts user-centric content structures, and guides competitive analysis to identify content gaps. By focusing on the questions and topics generated, copywriters can craft engaging and informative content that addresses their audience’s queries directly to fulfil their immediate needs.

7. Use Writerzen to Empower Content Writers

Writerzen is a promising new copywriting tool thanks to its robust set of features which simplify content creation and elevate its quality. 

Writerzen offers content generation and optimisation suggestions, helps to find powerful keywords to enhance SEO performance and aids the writer to be more creative by encouraging natural writing over merely ticking off the keyword boxes for performance. The result can be engaging, powerful and relevant content that doesn’t simply phone it in.

It streamlines research through data from various sources and provides the option for automated content briefs. Writers can also conduct competitor analysis, gain insights from top-ranking content, and work efficiently all from the same interface. Writerzen’s time-saving capabilities enable writers to focus on creativity and higher-level tasks, making it an indispensable tool for crafting impactful, data-driven, and SEO-friendly content.

Copywriting Tools to Help You Engage and Convert

Creating amazing copy that captivates and converts is all about the tools you put to good use. At Embryo, our content writers make use of these tools to empower website content and drive web traffic.

By incorporating these tools and principles into your own writing arsenal, you’ll not only become a better copywriter but also achieve the coveted status of creating exceptional copy that doesn’t only resonate with your target audience but drives results with its SEO approach

For more information about what it takes to craft engaging and powerful content, our SEO team meticulously plan out projects to create new or improve existing content for your website. If you’re looking to begin an exciting new project, get in touch on 0161 327 2635 or email us with your query at [email protected].

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