A Few Fun Facts About Digital Marketing

A fact is something that occurs in real life and separates the truth from fiction. 

Some facts are stranger than others – for example, did you know that The British royal family isn’t allowed to play Monopoly? Or, that ​​it is illegal to own just one guinea pig in Switzerland because they get lonely?

No matter how strange some facts may seem, they are essential for making key decisions in life. So here are some fun facts about digital marketing that may influence your strategies:

Digital marketing


Content marketing

Email Marketing

Video Marketing

Hopefully, these facts have provided you with something to think about for the day as well as satisfied the need for new information! If any of the above has sparked some interest and you’d like to discuss any of these further with the team at Embryo then give the team a call on 0161 327 2635 or get in touch

BONUS FACT: Google images was created after the search engine received so many searches of Jennifer Lopez dress at the Grammys in 2000. 


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