2022 World Cup – 40 Compact Stats About What You Can Expect

The Football World Cup kicks off on 20th November 2022 but what’s going to happen this year? I’ve scraped some data from the web to come up with 50 stats that you can expect from the 2022 world cup. A quick low down of the stats:

  • Germany has won 50% of the finals they appear in.
  • Brazil has won 71% of the finals they’ve appeared in.
  • It was 56 years since England brought it home
  • England has won the world cup in 100% of their appearances. Boom.
  • Brazil has hosted the world cup twice but never won on their home turf. Uruguay pipped them in 1950 and Germany more recently in 2014.

Continent Stats

  • 5 of the 7 Continents have hosted the World Cup: Surprisingly Antarctica has never been chosen, also Australasia has never hosted a world cup.
  • Europe and South America are the only 2 continents that have claimed the Jules Rimet trophy.
  • Only 9 countries have ever been victorious overall, 13 countries have made it to the finals.
  • The host continent has had a resident country succeed 16 times while
  • An outside country has won only 5 times.

Country Games

  • Since the World Cup Tournament started in 1930 the number of teams competing has risen from 13 to 32: A 146% increase
  • Total goals scored in the 1930 tournament – 70, total goals scored in the last World Cup – 169: A 141% increase
  • Lowest Average goals per game: 1990, 2006 and 2010 World Cups with an average of 2 goals per match.
  • Highest Average goals per game: 1938 and 1954 World Cups with an average of 5 goals per game.
  • Germany has made the final 8 times and 4 wins.
  • Brazil has won the cup the most with 5 wins in 7 final appearances.

Average Time Between Winning

  • An average of 11 years passes between Brazil’s World Cup Wins
  • Germany, France and Uruguay have a span of 20 years between each world cup victory
  • Italy comes back on average every 24 years to win the trophy.
  • With England’s span of 56 years on average since (any) win they could be most likely to win in 2022…
  • Spain could also be a contender based on average win distance, winning last time in 2012.


Player Stats

  • Just Fontaine scored the most World Cup goals standing at 13 in the 1958 World Cup.
  • Scoring that many goals still didn’t get France to the final, Brazil were the champions that year.
  • Lothar Matthaeus is the only outfield player to participate in 5 consecutive world cups – 1982-1998
  • Pele is the only player to win 3 world cup winners medals
  • Despite Just Fontaine scoring a mammoth 13 goals in one tournament, the current world record holder for most goals scored in World Cups football is currently Miroslav Klose with 16 goals over all his tournaments. Klose has scored a total of 71 goals over his international career.


Foul Play Stats

  • Panama has a rate of 3.67 yellow cards per match in the world cups, the highest of any participating country.
  • Zinedine Zidane has been sent off twice in the major tournament, more than any other player in World Cup history.
  • Brazil has had the most amount of red cards for a country standing in at 10 so far.
  • Germany tops the list of yellows with a total of 122!
  • The Nicey Nicey Embryo trophy goes to Wales for their zero yellow, zero yellow card policy. But, they’ve only participated in one world cup, let’s hope the 2022 world cup yields better results.

Miscellaneous Stats

What’s My Prediction For The 2022 World Cup?

If you like a bit of a shuffle on the bets then here are some top bets to place based on historic stats.

  • Germany or Brazil are most likely to win. I’ll stick a fiver on ze germans and see how we get on with the 2022 world cup.
  • Germany will 100% get a yellow card at some point in the tournament
  • The last four teams will be England, Brazil, Germany and France.
  • The Netherlands will almost certainly come top of their Group stage at the 2022 world cup
  • It’s Coming Home!

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