36 Essential PPC Stats for 2023

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a beast, every day, billions of pounds worth of products are bought and sold using this fast-paced marketing channel. Here at Embryo, it’s a channel we have helped many dozens of clients benefit from. When you’re in the thick of PPC it can be hard to get a sense of just how massive this portion of the marketing industry is. This is why, in this blog, you will find 36 essential PPC stats. I’m sure we’re all well aware by now that Google’s updates can come thick and fast, making it very easy to miss key information, stats, as well as tips and tricks. That’s why I’ve put together an extensive list of PPC stats which you may have missed.

Hopefully, reading a handful of these will give you a better idea of not only the scale of the platform but how much your business, regardless of industry, can benefit from cutting-edge PPC campaigns. If you’d like to learn more about what those campaigns would look like for your brand then why not get in touch with our sales team? You can call us on 0161 327 2635 or drop us an email at [email protected].

Good-To-Know PPC statistics

These 14 stats are great headline statistics that give you some fantastic context about PPC as a whole. As the title suggests, these are ‘good-to-know’ stats which are useful to remember whether you work in PPC or not.

  • As of 2021. Google owns approximately 92% of the global search market share
  • PPC generates twice the number of visitors compared to SEO
  • 15% of Google searches have never been searched before
  • 65% of customers click on PPC ads
  • 45% of small businesses invest in PPC
  • 74% of brands say PPC is a huge traffic driver for their business
  • At the end of 2021, 82% of Google’s revenue came from Google Ads
  • 96% of marketers spend money on search ads
  • 62% of marketers increased their PPC budgets last year
  • Digital ad spending accounted for more than 60% of the global ad revenue in 2022
  • Ads can boost brand awareness by 80%
  • 65% of consumers click on PPC ads
  • In 2022 97% of people used the web to find local businesses
  • Google controls almost 92% of the global search engine market

Game-Changing Stats For 2023

Here are some real heavy hitters. Here, are five PPC stats that could very well change your entire perspective on the marketing channel as well as your approach to how you operate your current PPC campaigns.

  • Prospecting customers are up to 70% more likely to buy your product when you use retargeting. Whilst remarketing can be extremely effective, it’s vital that your retargeting campaign is not only relevant for your business, but it also targets highly engaged audiences
  • Over 40% of ad clicks happen on mobile devices. This is no surprise as more and more online activity is happening via mobile devices. This is why it’s important to ensure your website is optimised for mobile traffic
  • Conversion rates can be increased by up to 40% when combining similar audiences with display remarketing. It’s common knowledge that Google is becoming, even more, AI-driven. This is why it’s essential that you provide Google’s machine learning with high-quality guidance in order to get the best results possible
  • The Google display network features across over 2 million websites. Display campaigns alone can reach up to 90% of all internet users. Whilst this is a very powerful tool for brand awareness, it’s important to note that display campaigns are very much focused on top-of-funnel exposure, as opposed to keyword targeting
  • One-third of people click on a paid search ad because it directly answers their search query. Here’s one for the dynamic keyword insertion users. Of course, making sure your ad groups and ads are closely related to your keyword groupings is a must. But this information might persuade one or two people to attend to their account structure and ad copy!

PPC vs SEO Stats for 2023

PPC & SEO are often seen as rivals. Where business owners choose one route or the other. Essentially, in my opinion, these two services are two which work extremely well together. Whilst PPC works to attract high volumes of traffic in a short period of time, SEO works to solidify your brand authority across a huge range of industry-specific terms. Here are five stats to prove that.

  • PPC generates twice the number of visitors compared to SEO. For new business owners wanting immediate website traffic. PPC might be the best place to start until you generate enough ROI to run with both SEO & PPC
  • PPC takes around 3 weeks to learn, while basic SEO can take up to 3 months
  • SEO operates every second of every day. Whereas PPC traffic relies solely on a consistent stream of budget. For example, if your budget runs out or your card declines. Your traffic falls to zero.
  • While SEO only improves visibility on 2 to 3 search engines. PPC ads’ visibility is endless. Knowing this information, it’s key that you use platforms like Google ads to refine where your ads are visible in order to maximise relevancy
  • Bing’s CPCs are around 20% lower than Google’s, on average

PPC Stats For Businesses

As a business that works with other businesses to boost sales through digital marketing, we know how important it is for them to see how valuable PPC could be for them, so here are 12 top-level pay-per-click stats that will interest business owners and internal marketers.

  • 52% of online shoppers call the advertiser
  • PPC converts 50% better (compared to organic link visitors)
  • About 928.5 million people are reached by Instagram ads
  • 92% of Instagram users followed a brand, clicked on their website, or made a purchase on the platform
  • US brands will spend over $56 billion on social media ads by 2022
  • 79% of brands see PPC as essential to their business
  • On average, PPC ads return £2 for every £1 spent
  • Almost half of marketers operate with a budget of less than £50,000 per month
  • 40% of brands and agencies think their PPC budget is lower than it should be
  • 90% of internet users see Google display ads
  • 80% of businesses focus on Google Ads for PPC ad campaigns
  • 78% of marketers advertise on Google Ads and social media

Overall, I think we can all agree that PPC & Google Ads is one of the most powerful tools for both new and existing businesses. I fully expect most of the above statistics to be broken as we move our way through 2023 due to the rising ad costs. However, Google Ads will continue to benefit thousands of SMEs across the globe regardless of their budgets due to its ability to effectively drive high volumes of traffic via a variety of networks.

If you’re a business owner or indeed a marketing professional yourself, and you’d like to get to know more about PPC. Please get in touch with our team.

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