Round-Up: PPC (February 2023)

At Embryo, we keep up to date with the latest trends and updates in the world of PPC. This information allows us to be forward-thinking and prepare for any new changes that may affect our PPC clients. Below are four new updates that you should be aware of in February 2023.

1. Finally, Google Introduces Negative Keywords To Performance Max

Performance Max (often referred to as PMax) is a goal-based campaign type with the aim of letting advertisers increase conversions across Google’s range of advertising channels. It runs ads on the following Google Partners: Search, Display, Discover, Maps, Gmail, and YouTube. Learn more about Performance Max here.

Google is taking a more automated approach with their new updates. With this they taking away a lot of control from Google Ads users. The most frustrating limitation that came with the launch of performance max was that we could no longer add negative keywords manually.

If we wanted a search term blocked from the account we would have to do so via Google support. The wait for this change to be implemented usually took 1-2 days to actually process. Now, when you create a negative keyword list at an account level, it will automatically apply to all search and shopping inventory in relevant campaign types. This now will impact Performance Max campaigns.

You can create a negative keyword list by:

  • Go into account settings
  • Find the “Negative Keywords” section
  • Here build an account-level negative word list
  • Remember match types apply to negative keywords also
  • Please use this link for more information.

2. Beware Of Auto-Apply Recommendations

Google recommendations can be useful as a reminder or a prompt on how to improve performance. However, implementing auto-apply recommendations can spike spending overnight via budget increases and updating keywords to broad match.

With saying this, auto-apply recommendations may be useful if you are a small business with limited knowledge about Adwords. However, for the most, it can hinder performance and drastically change how much you are spending.

How To Opt In/Out Of Auto-Apply Recommendations:

  • Click recommendations from the menu on the left
  • At the top right corner, click Auto-apply, then select History.
  • Look through the recommendations and filter whether want them paused or active

3. Responsive Search Ads Become The New Default In Microsoft Ads

Trailing behind Google’s footsteps we have Microsoft ad’s decision to make responsive search ads a default. Google first decided to change the default ad type to Responsive (RSAs) back in February 2021 and starting from 30 June 2022, you’ll no longer be able to create or edit expanded text ads.

Now it looks as if Microsoft will be doing the same thing, with a deadline of 1st February 2023.

What will happen to my expanded text ads in Microsoft Ads?

Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) will continue serving along with RSAs, but we’ll no longer support the ability to create new or edit existing ETAs moving forward.

Why are Responsive Ads the new default across Google and Microsoft Ads?

Responsive ads consist of a maximum of 15 headlines and 4 descriptions. Google then automatically tests each variation of your ad and tests it against itself to figure out which combination of ads performs the best. With this data, depending on the keyword, Google will show the ad that is more likely to result in a conversion.

4. New Customer Acquisition (NCA) In Google Adwords New Beta Update

The new customer acquisition (NCA) goal enables you to efficiently acquire new customers through your Google Ads campaigns. You can either optimise your campaigns to bid higher for new customers or to optimise your campaigns to exclusively bid for new customers only.

The new beta update now allows you to use high-value optimisation in performance max campaigns. This works by allowing us to focus on new customers with a predicted Life Time Value that is greater than the average customer brings in.

In order to use NCA, you will need valid customer lifetime value data, which is difficult to determine and many traders do not have. NCA high-value optimisation can only be valuable if sufficient data is communicated to Google.

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