16 Long-Form Content Statistics to Convince You of the Power of the Written Word

A piece of writing that is between 1000 to 7500 words is labelled as long-form content. Long-form content is used to supply the reader with valuable information, it engages audiences as the topic that the content covers is explained in depth. This form of content is not intended for a quick read, it’s aimed at people looking to educate themself on a particular topic, or a specific question about that topic.

I have included 16 statistics below which may help/inspire you to write some long-form content of your own and help you decide if you would like to plunge into a piece of long-form content or include this type of content in your marketing strategy (spoiler: you definitely should, the power of it is undisputed).

Here at Embryo, we’re not shy about our love of the written word and have harnessed the power of longer forms of content for ourselves and our wide range of clients. No matter what industry you operate in, this type of copy can establish you as the most intelligent business in your sector, something that Google cannot help but love and thus rank highly for.

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Can You Acquire Links by Using Long Form Content?

Yes, using this form of content in your marketing strategy will help you acquire more backlinks and help you gain more inbound leads for your business.

Perfect Blog Lengths

From the statistics above it is clear that having a blog that has between 1200 and 1600 words is most likely to have success. It’s clear that readers prefer a to-the-point thorough blog that isn’t too time-consuming. This could help you increase your ranking and better your results.

Social Platforms

Data suggests that long-form content is more likely to be shared on social platforms which will help gain website traffic and help you gain visibility/leads for your business.

Engagement and Leads

It is clear that when it comes to long vs short-form content, long-form wins from an engagement standpoint. Long-form generates more website traffic, shares, comments, and likes.

To conclude, from the above statistics, it’s clear that lengthy, high-quality content ranks higher on search engine results. If you create a longer piece of writing, you have more opportunity to include backlinks and keywords you can include in your content, this will help bring organic traffic to your website. In addition, research shows that long-form content is more likely to be engaged with on social platforms.

In essence, long-form content just gives you more opportunity to express how knowledgeable your business is on one particular topic.

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