10 Facts You Need To Know Before Designing Your Website

Are you looking to start a new website design? or are you planning to design as you build/develop? Where do you start? Not to worry! We have curated a list of facts you will need to know before you get started designing your site.

Using Colour on Your Site

When it comes to using colour on your site, designers, developers and product managers have done the research for you and in-depth doing thousands of studies into colour, how it makes people feel and what colours improve sales.

  • The average person takes 90 seconds to form a positive or negative interaction with your site. According to a study conducted by the University of Winnipeg in 2006, up to 90% of a person’s assessment is based on colours alone with it affecting increased or decreased appetite, enhanced mood and, reduced perception of waiting time, among others things.
  • For E-commerce sites, brand recognition is key and is directly linked to consumer confidence.  This was found in an analytical study which found colour helped customers identify brands by up to 80%.
  • For E-commerce sites focusing on sale-based conversions, red has always stood out as the colour of choice for buttons with HubSpots’s A/B tests suggesting red out-converted green by 21%, these were the top 2 colours in the test previously.

Comparing Mobile to Desktop Usage

The biggest debate in web design is the current battle between Mobile and Desktop. Which is better? Which audience should you design/ develop for? I’ve dove into some of the facts below:

  • Mobile has taken the lead this decade for the first time, and as of August 2022, mobile is just under 60% of the market with desktop devices taking up just 39%. The remaining 1% can be attributed to tablets and other large portable devices (Most of which are similar or run the same operating system as mobile making them hard to distinguish)
  • Going back to 2012, comparing each medium’s internet traffic was 10.88% mobile and 89% desktop. This shows the difference between sites made at the start of the previous decade to now and why sites produced before the start of this decade need to be brought up to the current standards of both design and development.

How Customers Perceive Content

Content writing is a huge part of the trust-building exercise and is the final step between getting that sale or not. They rely on the ability of words to invoke emotion in the customers with the right wording prompting a consumer to make a purchase in their shop over an identical item at another.

  • 60% of users are more likely to buy a product/ services that include “Guaranteed” associated with it.
  • 64% of users want to contact information as soon as they arrive on a vendors site. This prompts the need for contact info within the header navigation or having a CTA button above the fold.

Quicker Site Loading Speed is a Must

Website loading speed has always been a priority in the 21st century, with the needs of customers being fast and reliable. To make sure this is a must for all sites whole departments, services and products have been made to service and maintain faster load times.

  • 64% of online shoppers did not return to purchase items when the website was too slow, with Amazon stating that for every 100ms of load time there was a 1% decrease in converted sales.
  • 47% of users expect a maximum of 2 seconds of loading time for an average site with 39% stating they would leave a website if images don’t load or take longer than expected.

Keeping your customers engaged!

Keeping customers on your site for longer has been found to increase the likelihood of a purchase. Making sure the customers have a positive outcome is also a factor in this.

  • NNGroup’s eye-tracking study showed that 57% of their page-viewing time was above the fold and 74% of the viewing time was spent in the first two screenfuls (Up to 2160px). The remaining 26% was spent in small increments further down the length of the page.


Here at Embryo, our team is up-to-date and experienced in all things design and development related. If you are looking for a site redesign or just tips then we can be of service. We are here to support you with what you need, contact us.


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