WooCommerce’s Google Shopping Integration is Now Live

Google has recently announced an integration partnership with WooCommerce to help retailers and ecommerce stores easily display their products and inventory across Google properties, including organic search, paid search, organic & paid shopping and also YouTube.

The integration comes as during the COVID-19 pandemic, Britain’s online spending increased by 48% in 2020 compared to 2019. This trend is expected to continue due to the convenience and safety of online shopping.

What Does This Mean?

The Google Listings and Ads Extension allows retailers and ecommerce businesses to sync their products with Google, allowing them to include their products for free in Google organic shopping results, setup paid ads for products across other Google properties and monitor the performance of the campaigns that are active from within WooCommerce itself. Including WooCommerce products into Google Organic Shopping provides another avenue of traffic to products on your website, complimenting the current organic search result listings already gained.

How Does It Work?

The extension connects with Google Merchant Centre to sync products available within WooCommerce. Once the connection between WooCommerce and Google Merchant Centre is setup, the products can be displayed organically in Google Shopping as well as in the paid for ads sections where applicable. The extension also keeps the product levels in sync, as new products are added they will be synced into the relevant organic or paid channels and as products go out of stock they will also be taken out of the relevant channels.

Does This Work for Other Shopping Platforms?

Google has also announced integrations for Shopify, GoDaddy and also Square making it easier for retailers and ecommerce businesses to display their products to more potential customers through Google. In a time where the demand in online shopping has remained high, this is a welcome opportunity for more retailers to help gain further customers and exposure through Google.


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