3 reasons why your business should be on Twitter

Over the past few months, we’ve all been spending a lot more time at home and like me, you may have found yourself spending a lot more time on Twitter.  Well, you’re not alone. This year, Twitter reported a 34% increase in the number of “monetisable” daily users on the platform in the second quarter


Twitter is one of the top platforms for keeping up with the latest news and conversations. So it makes sense that your business would also want to be part of those conversations. Not only to stay up to date on what’s happening so you can be reactive but also to ensure you’re present to respond to any customer service requests.


Understanding your customers


Twitter is one of the more successful ‘conversational’ social networks with 500 million tweets sent per day. For your business, these conversations can be full of valuable insights into your customers’ lives. Using Twitter to research topics your audience are interested in, could lead to an interesting new targeting idea or even a product idea. Using Twitter to listen and communicate with your audience could also help you improve your existing product/service.


Twitter is not only a place for listening and researching, it’s also a brilliant tool for communicating. Engage with your audience by replying to their tweets, place your business into the conversations that interest them. By humanising your business, your audience will be more likely to trust you and in turn, be more likely to convert.


Building your brand


As the number 1 platform for discovery, building brand awareness is key. As well as engaging with your audience, consider how you want to be perceived. Finding a tone of voice is vital for building your brand’s profile. A good tone of voice is instantly recognisable. It should be consistent and it should be relevant to your customers and brand values. 


Ben & Jerry’s are a brilliant example of this.  Their tone of voice is relevant to their brand, but they insert themselves into the conversations that impact their customers’ lives. By doing this they are not only gaining trust and respect from their customers, but they are also making sure they are present in the most talked-about issues. Take a look at our spotlight blog on them!




This isn’t to say you should put your business into every conversation. Especially when it comes to political or controversial subjects, as this can result in backlash. But engaging in topics that matter to your audience will help to build relationships with your current audience and help to build your brand. In addition, engaging with your followers on Twitter also improves your chances of showing up in non-followers’ feeds, again boosting visibility and brand awareness.


Communication is key


I’ve already touched on this, and you will have heard it before. But being social on social media is vital when it comes to growing your business. Many customers will come to Twitter to complain about a service or product if they’re not happy about it or to ask a question if they’re not sure about something. If your business isn’t on Twitter, how can you respond if someone gets in touch? 


Some businesses will have separate profiles specifically for customer service, however, if you don’t have the time or man-power to do this, it’s important you have a strategy when a customer gets in touch. If a customer tweets your business, anyone can see it, so you need to be prepared with a response that answers any questions they have or that resolves their complaint quickly and fairly. 


Hopefully, now you have an understanding of why you need to include Twitter into your digital marketing mix. If you’re not sure where to start on Twitter for your business, get in touch and see how we can help.


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