Take a Trip With Google

As the weather is (slowly) getting warmer and warmer, I know I’m not the only one thinking it’s just about time to book that holiday. If you’re like me and can’t make up your mind, perhaps you need some suggestions to get you on your way – what to do when there, which airline to fly with, and don’t get me started on which hotel – then maybe Google’s recent announcement is something you might want to pay attention to.


At a live marketing event earlier this month, Oliver Heckmann of Google (VP of engineering, shopping and travel) announced )and Richard Holden (VP Product Management, Travel) announced in a blog post), that the company had been striving to simplify the way we plan our travel. This concept is a major revamp on its tool called ‘Trips’ which is available for desktop and mobile/smartphone app.


The revamp now allows you to view an automatically generated timeline of travel already booked (via Gmail). The trip timeline has some useful features such as a weather forecast, flights, accommodations, any reservations you’ve made etc. The tool even provides suggestions when there are gaps in the timeline – think popular trips and destinations.


You can even pick up your planning where you left off without having to leave 12 tabs open or try to remember where you saw that offer! Rome wasn’t built in a day right?!


So I think we’ve established that Google Trips is going to be great when planning a holiday or trip away, but what does this mean for advertising?

Think about users viewing or even saving potential destinations and attractions – this can all be used to remarket to users. Whether the moment of intent happens weeks in advance or when travellers are already away, this is really useful for businesses that are getting their name out there. The Explore section of Trips features travel articles, videos and suggestions of things to do, providing an opportunity for increased traffic.

If you need help taking advantage of the marketing benefits Trips can have, contact Embryo Digital on 0161 327 2635 today, and see how we can optimise your business for Trips.



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