Why collaboration is key to achieving a strong design

When it comes to design, collaborating with various groups of people, collating opinions and utilising people’s experiences will only support in designing a strong website.

It’s important that take advantage of the skillsets within your team but also, the knowledge the client has about their sector, to achieve the project goals.

The Client

Collaborating with the client has to be the starting point for any project. The client may or may not know what they’re looking for specifically which is where you come in. Having a clear project brief and spending time with the client upfront before you even begin any design work will provide you with the brief you need to ensure you deliver the perfect end result.

A good way of extracting information from a client and getting their opinion in the initial phases is to ask them what they like and don’t like about their current website. From this, you will gauge a clear understanding of what you need to retain and what they want to improve. Also, ask them if there are any sites, either within or outside of their industry, that they like and why they like them – this will help you to understand what the client is looking for and what they want to achieve with the new design.

When it comes to presenting back the creative to the client, clearly explain the reasoning behind your design choices, relate everything back to the projects goals and take on board the client’s feedback. Always collaborate to reach the end goal.

The Project Team

Collaborating with the project team is a vital part of any project, afterall, you are all working together to achieve the goals set by the client in the project brief. Embrace eachothers suggestions and ideas, have regular catch-ups to review the ongoing creative and utilise the joint experience the team has.

Working together, you can decide on the best approach for the end user and also discuss the options for how the website will be developed.

Also, you’re a team and you can lean on eachother for support.

The Wider Team

The key to working with the wider team within your business is to embrace their opinions and knowledge. When working at an agency, you get the opportunity to work with a wide variety of people that have all had their own journeys to get to where they are – take advantage of this. You might be working on a project for an insurance client or a client in the automotive industry and you might actually work with someone that has a lot of experience and knowledge in these areas.

Also, if the client that you’re working for is already a client of the business and works with another team, include them in the process. They will have far more information on the background of the business and what the client is looking for. You also have to remember that a new website may affect ongoing marketing campaigns so always ensure you’re collaborating with the right people to achieve the best results for your client.


As you can see, working collaboratively with the three groups of people mentioned above will only strengthen your design and including everyone in the process will ensure all the project goals will be achieved.

If you’re interested in working with team Embryo on a design or development project, get in touch today! We have a full process for planning out projects with our clients and working collaboratively with the Embryo teams to ensure we’re achieving the best results for our clients.


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