The Importance of Bloggers for SEO Purposes

Blogging is often a key part of a content marketing strategy. Google rewards websites that have fresh, long-form content on them – adding regular blog content is just one of the ways to score points from Google and aid your rankings in the search engine results pages (providing that this content is search engine optimised, of course).

Given that blogging can play an important role in a marketing strategy, it is the role of bloggers that are just as important as the blogs themselves for SEO. Bloggers need to have the right qualities to ensure that the content is effective and serves the correct purpose. Let’s take a look at the importance of bloggers for SEO…

The importance of bloggers for SEO purposes

Google loves fresh content

Outdated information is likely to be no good to users, so Google doesn’t want to display old content to its searchers as it’s probably not what they’re looking for. Fresh, current content is the most useful for users, so that’s exactly what Google wants to provide them with. After all, if you’re taken to a webpage that’s full of outdated information, it’s likely that that you’ll lose trust in that source of information or business and take your attention (and maybe even your money) elsewhere. You may even be led to believe that the business no longer operates, because there haven’t been any recent updates on their site. So, if you have a business and you’re looking to implement an effective marketing strategy, hiring somebody to take care of your blog content can certainly pay off.

Websites that are updated regularly signal to Google that the site is alive and kicking. That way, Google knows that by offering this webpage as a solution to the search query from the user, they’ll receive fresh content. Adding fresh blog content also gives the algorithm a reason to index your site often, so it stays on the radar. You may not always have a reason to update the main homepage of your site with new content, so creating a blog as a hub of fresh content and valuable information is a great, practical way to add more content to your website regularly.


This point pertains to bloggers that may also be known as ‘influencers’, as opposed to content writers (like our very own Content team), that write effective content, such as SEO blogs, as their full-time role. One of the key reasons that bloggers matter for SEO purposes is for link-building. Link-building refers to actions that increase the quality and quantity of inbound links to a webpage. When used alongside other SEO tactics, this can increase your rankings in the search engine results pages.

Many bloggers will build their reputation and also their authority over time, both in the eyes of users and search engines, as their content increases in popularity and they become a popular source of information. Bloggers with this high profile can make great business partners. Quite often, SEOs will reach out to authoritative bloggers for their link building outreach. When bloggers then place inbound links within their content, this can feel much more personal, as opposed to working with another website or business. Overall, bloggers can be a great resource for relevant links with good authority.

Bloggers can target long-tail keywords

SEO is extremely competitive and many search terms with high search volumes can be hard to rank for. Whilst targeting broader keywords can form part of your SEO strategy, a good way to increase your keyword reach and rankings is to target more specific, niche keywords. Many of these tend to be long-tail keywords – phrases that have more than two words. These keywords are commonly used when users are closer to a point of purchase, or when they’re using voice search tools to conduct an online search.

Long-tail keywords are a vital part of your SEO strategy, but they can be hard to fit into web pages, such as your product pages. Blogs are the perfect way to target long-tail keywords and any related ontological phrases. For example, if the long-tail keyword you’re targeting is ‘What is the importance of bloggers for SEO?’, then you can write your blog post around this topic, using the keyword as the title and featuring relevant ontological phrases throughout the content to help you rank for that term.

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