Link Building Strategies – Great SEO posts about getting more backlinks

Similar to my post recently about some of the best long form SEO posts ever, here is a post about link building that lists several excellent posts (including a new guide to organic links from Respona which covers lots of topics) that have gained many inbound backlinks themselves.

In no particular order, here are some recommended resources for building links:

From Ahrefs, ‘the noob friendly guide to link building‘ is an excellent post by David McSweeney that is geared firmly toward SEO beginners, but is useful for experienced search engine optimisers as a refresher course.

This excellent article covers such things as

  • the theory of link building
  • tactics and skills essential to become a great builder of links
  • link building tools
  • links to link building tutorials and case studies
  • results of an industry-wide backlinking survey

Tags: find backlinks, link builder, website backlinks

Brian Dean’s posts are generally excellent, and his ‘Link Building Strategies: The Complete List‘ post is certainly one of his best, too. Allowing you to filter link building strategies by beginner, intermediate, and advanced, along with Brian’s own favourite link building tactics.

Some of the more expert tips that Brian suggests are coining a new term, building complete guides, data and research, and reverse engineering linkable assets.

Tags: backlink building strategy, SEO outreach strategy, high quality backlinks, content recreation, create original content, linkwheel, resource page link building

A regular favourite of mine, Christopher C. Cemper created an excellent links and SEO post in July 2018 entitled, 20 SEO Link Building Tips for 2019, and boy are they great.

From white hat link building techniques, to simple link building tips, to tips about earning inbound links, and link building tools, this post is a great way to create your own link building strategies, whether you work for an SEO agency, or are client side.

Tags: build relationships, link building opportunities, infographics, link building tools, trustworthy directories, competitor links, prospecting for expire domains, social sharing

Another post on Ahrefs, Tim Soulo created an awesome study of many SEO experts, culminating in the excellent, 90 SEO Experts Talk White Hat Link Building, Outsourcing And Scaling long form study/article.

The questions asked were:

  1. Please tell us about your favourite “white hat link building strategy that scales”.
  2. How do you scale it?

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Glen Allsopp’s 13 Advanced Link Building Strategies You (Probably) Haven’t Used post is a favourite of many intermediate SEO/link builder and rightly so. Glen provides many useful tips including how to find popular, well-linked-to content, with a great example of scraping Copyblogger to find awesome posts with many comments.

His use of the Google operator, ‘AROUND()’ is very interesting indeed.

Tags:scholarship link builders, donation links, sponsorships, reddit, maps, infographics

Robbie Richard’s 17 Killer Link Building Strategies for 2018 is another great post chock-full of brilliant link building tactics and earned link strategies that include deep broken link building, tenant SEO, RLR framework, Quora hacking and more.

Tags: blog commenting, link reclamation, roundups, link equity, link velocity, industry-specific tools, link channels

Timothy Carter from AudienceBloom created a very useful long form piece called Link Building: The Ultimate SEO Guide that is also available as a PDF. The guide includes the basics, such as the benefits of link building, modern link building tactics, and developing your own earned inbound link strategies.

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