The Best & The Worst of the Legal Sector On The Embryo Index

The legal sector is sometimes known for not having the best marketing around. There are plenty of good reasons for this, after all, having the time to effectively market themselves is a big factor for those in the legal sector, and some organisations simply struggle with making what they do engaging in their marketing. Putting aside a marketing budget, especially for smaller companies, is also a struggle for a lot of organisations in the legal sector, which might contribute to this. However, when we take a look at the Embryo Index, this doesn’t actually seem to be the case!

The average score within the top 10 companies of the legal sector is 1091.52 points, which seems pretty respectable, but when you look at the top scorers across the index, there aren’t any legal companies who have been able to break into the top 10. However, they certainly aren’t the worst offenders overall! The technology sector wins this battle by a pretty hefty margin, with a top 10 average score of 1463.751, however, the recruitment sector top 10 has an average score of 783.30, while the finance top 10 sits at a lowly 516.88, showing that when it comes to marketing in the legal sector, things are actually pretty positive! We can’t resist taking a look at the best and worst of the legal sector, plus some of the companies that are really shaking thing up!

The Movers & Shakers

One of the biggest gains in the index as a whole in February goes to Antony Hodari, who have gained a very impressive 151 points in February – that’s a 487% increase! ???? They were closely followed by Chafes Hague Lambert, who saw an increase of 59.55 points. Other companies on the up include Taylors (+22.35), JMW (+20.76) and Wrigley Claydon (+18.36).

On the other end of the spectrum are companies that might be letting their marketing slip a little – these are companies that have lost points on the index. There are hundreds of reasons this might happen – maybe a bad backlink or two takes your technical scores down, maybe there’s been nothing of note to post on social or you’ve received a slightly unfavourable review on Google – the list is endless, but knowing there’s a problem is the first step to solving it! The biggest drop in the legal sector was from AWH Solicitors, with a loss of 54.25 points on the index. Other significant slips came from Ashcott Solicitors (-48.5), BLM Law (-38.3), Birchall Blackburn (-33.69), Carter Moore (-30.7), and Weightmans (-26.53).

The Best Of The Best

Weightmans and Stephensons Solicitors (both in the top 5 of legal sector companies), have dropped slightly, while the rest of the top 5 (JMW, Shoosmiths and Hill Dickinson) have made small gains. However, there’s not actually a huge amount of movement at the top of the legal sector, so there’s certainly a space for someone to make a big splash with their marketing in Manchester’s legal sector!

Could Do With Improvement…

The wooden spoon for legal scores on the Embryo Index goes to Simcox Oliver, with a score of 9.15, closely followed by Imaan Solicitors with 10.18 and Touch Solicitors with a score of 10.7. It’s worth noting, however, that all three of these companies have raised their score since last month, so all is not lost! Plus, some of the biggest gains can be made by companies further down the index, as proven by our biggest mover in Feb, Antony Hodari. Finishing January with a score of only 31 (which would put them in around 170th place today), they’ve shot up the rankings to 83rd – leapfrogging over almost 100 of their competitors! There is so much potential for companies further down the index, and we can’t wait to see what some of these companies come out with during the months ahead!

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