The Best Digital Marketing Articles of June 2019

These are some of the best articles about our industry that the team at Embryo Digital have found this month. Let us know what you think!

Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Pay Attention to Now! ( – Jun 25 2019

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning are seeing some really innovative applications in the industry, which is impacting on the way we do pretty much everything online, from customer service to lead generation.
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality are rising in popularity as more people experience and respond well to the immersive experiences they can create for users.  the technologies are also becoming more budget-friendly, with affordable and disposable tech like Google Cardboard, being developed rapidly.
  • As the internet becomes increasingly mobile, voice search is on the rise. It’s another feature that’s quickly altering how we behave, innovate and adapt to the world online.

Can Digital Marketing be Used By Small Businesses? ( – Jun 07 2019

  • We see a lot of small businesses & SMEs complaining that digital marketing doesn’t work for them, but it’s just not true!
  • A mistake that many small businesses make is by trying to copy a successful campaign that is better suited to a massive brand, and it won’t work for them.
  • If small businesses want to be successful online, they have to consider realistic numbers and rates of growth that they would like to achieve, and then design a bespoke digital marketing plan for the business.
  • If you plan for progressive, gradual growth, design your marketing goals in different stages, and don’t copy what big brands are doing, you’ll find you can get much better results as a small business in digital marketing.

Frederick Vallaeys on why digital marketers will still have jobs and what they’ll look like in an AI world – Search Engine Land ( – Jun 12 2019

  • In his new book “Digital Marketing In An AI World,” Frederick Vallaeys, former Google employee and co-founder of campaign optimisation platform Optmyzr, talks about why understanding the fundamentals of PPC matter more now than ever, what machine learning can (and can’t do) and the skills and capabilities digital marketers will need to be successful in a more automated world.
  • He explains what we’re actually talking about when we talk about AI, machine learning and automation, why digital marketers need to understand what these terms all mean, and why they get thrown around so much.

Approaching The Peak Of Digital Marketing Ad Spend Share ( – Jun 18 2019

  • According to GroupM’s latest report, ‘This Year, Next Year’, digital marketing growth is slowing down, and its share of total ad spend is approaching its plateau.
  • The forecast anticipates global ad spend to keep growing through the rest of 2019 and into 2020, but for digital marketing spend to begin to plateau.
  • Forbes asked Brian Wieser, GroupM global president of business intelligence, to take us deeper into some of the report’s findings, including how digital is impacting on political advertising.


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