Round Up: PPC (December 2023)

December marks a pivotal month for our PPC team. It’s where many opportunities present themselves to maximise revenue and end-of-year results for our clients. As the year draws to a close, consumer behaviour undergoes a significant shift, with year-end spending sprees taking centre stage and many businesses rolling out seasonal offers to boost sales.

This means that December is a crucial window to leverage strategic campaigns that capitalise on festive sentiments, gifting trends, and the rush of year-end purchases.

In this round-up, we have collated everything our PPC team has attended so far in December. From our weekly workshops, stand-out stats, and how we plan to prepare for Boxing Day sales.

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Demand Generation Campaigns – Testing & Research

Demand generation was introduced to Google Ads back in June 2023. However, our PPC team has been partaking in numerous sessions to ensure we are getting the most out of this new type of campaign.

For those who are not familiar with Demand Generation, it is a campaign type designed by Google Ads that involves the strategic use of advertisements to cultivate interest, generate buzz, and prompt action among potential customers. It revolves around creating campaigns tailored to specific audiences, enticing them to engage with a product or service. 

In recent sessions, our PPC team has delved into this campaign type, diligently researching and experimenting with various strategies. From crafting compelling ad copy to fine-tuning audience targeting and exploring keyword optimization, the team’s efforts have been centred on driving higher-quality leads and conversions.

Data Slayer – New Tool

In December, our PPC team was introduced to a data insights tool called DataSlayer.

DataSlayer is a data analytics and management tool designed to streamline and optimise data-related tasks for digital marketing agencies. At Embryo, we have introduced this software to aggregate data from various sources such as Google Ads, Meta and GA4.

DataSlayer has been a great tool for allowing customisation of reports tailored to specific client needs, showcasing key metrics, and delivering insights in a format that’s easily understandable for clients. As well as providing insights and visualisations that will help Embryo understand campaign performance, audience behaviour, and ROAS more effectively.

Boxing Day Preparation

After a successful Black Friday, our PPC team is gearing up for Boxing Day sales by leveraging the insights and strategies that worked well during the previous event, whilst refining their approach for this new sales period.

Our preparation includes:

Refinement of Strategies: based on each client’s Black Friday performance, the team may need to refine their strategies for Boxing Day. For example, we may prioritise products that gained traction during Black Friday by adjusting bidding strategies and tweaking asset groups to align with the nuances of Boxing Day sales.

Ad Copy and Creative Updates: ad copy and creatives will need revisiting to ensure messaging is up to date and reflects any new offers or promotions as well as tailoring creatives to match the new sales event.

Budget Allocation: Based on the Black Friday performance and anticipated demand for Boxing Day, the team has been forecasting and adjusting budgets accordingly. In some cases, we may allocate more budget to high-converting campaigns or allocate additional funds for increased competition during this period.

2023 Reflection

Our PPC team has triumphed through 2023, steering campaigns to remarkable heights and achieving exceptional milestones for many of our clients.

From skyrocketing click-through rates to groundbreaking conversion boosts, our 2023 journey has been punctuated by exceptional achievements. Please see below some of our 2023 Year on Year Stats:

  • 190% up in revenue – Educational Industry
  • 49% increase in conversion rate – Cosmetic Industry
  • 125% turnover growth – Health Care Equipment Industry
  • 161% increase in lead volume – Housing & Mortgaging Industry
  • 136% increase in click-through rate – Dental Negligence Industry

If you’re looking for a PPC team to kick start your 2024, please give us a call at 016 1327 2635 or email [email protected]

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