PPC – In-house Department Round Up

November is renowned for being a busy time in PPC, with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and getting ready for the Christmas deals – our PPC team here at Embryo has been going above and beyond for our clients.

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Black Friday

Black Friday has been a main focus for November this year for the PPC team. There have been many different factors to tackle in order to produce the best results possible for our clients, as the digital landscape has changed in comparison to previous years, from having a very different economy compared to 2022 to the official switch from universal analytics to GA4 and its real-time reporting. 

Despite all these external factors, our clients have received fantastic results:

  • A B2C furniture company increased their revenue by 70% over black Friday weekend, with their ROAS increasing by 16%.
  • A B2C bed & mattress company generated a total revenue of £422k from a £41k investment.
  • A B2C fashion retailer parent company with 7 unique brand accounts saw revenue increases anywhere from 40-240% across the board.

Training & Development

To help us contend with this new digital landscape take advantage of the new tools available and counter any losses from tools we have lost, a lot of training has taken place within our department. 

Retail Webinars

One of our team members attended a number of Google and PMAX-Mastery webinars focused on retail campaigns and new strategies and ideas on how to tackle Black Friday, and future sales on the paid search hemisphere. 

New Strategies

We have also undertaken training surrounding the advent of bucketing. This is an e-commerce strategy surrounding splitting products out by profitability rather than by product type or by best-sellers. This is a standard we have begun to implement throughout our e-commerce clients with strong results being achieved.

Ready For Christmas?

Overall, November is known for being a busy month in PPC, but being prepared and proactive is half the battle. For now, the team is looking forward to December especially with Christmas and winter taking precedence across the paid landscape.

If you’re looking for a PPC team that goes above and beyond every month, give us a call at 016 1327 2635 or email [email protected]

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