Paid Social – In-House Department Round Up

October has been another busy month for our Paid Social team here at Embryo. This month we’ve seen a lot of small but important changes to Meta Ads (or Facebook Ads if you’re still old-school), had our heads down for Black Friday and Christmas planning, launched our company bake-off competition, and, of course, achieved some incredible client results.

Let’s round up our month in paid social! If you’d like to find out more about the incredible goings on in our social team, feel free to get in touch with our team after you’ve read this blog by phone at 0161 327 2635 or email [email protected].

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Meta Ads Updates 

For the past month or so, there has been a huge amount of tweaks to the targeting functionality on Meta ads. We have a large number of Meta ads clients in our team, so it’s important that we stay on top of every tiny change. Here are a few of the key updates that we’ve seen recently:

  • A/B tests for catalogue ads – you can now create a 4-day A/B test to compare the performance of static ads for sales vs. dynamic catalogue ads. This is important to ensure that you’re not missing opportunities by only running with one specific style without testing. 
  • Scheduled budget increases – Meta is releasing scheduled budget changes on specific days/times. This is game-changing for peak/slow periods where you’re looking to quickly scale or reduce budget based on demand and intent. Previously, advertisers either had to manually change budgets or rely on the platform’s typically unreliable ‘rules’. Think how much easier this will be for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! 
  • Value optimisation for Advantage+ – Meta is rolling out value optimisation, rather than just the quantity of conversions, for Advantage+ campaigns. This is great if you want to focus on driving ROAS rather than quantity of sales.
  • Collection ads for Reels – advertisers are now able to add catalogue products to their Reel ads using the collection ads feature. This allows you to showcase multiple products in your reel and send users directly to the product pages. 

There are a lot more updates along these lines, but those are probably the most immediately impactful. If you want to stay on top of updates like this, I recommend following Jon Loomer’s blog

Black Friday Planning

It’s that time of year when you find every paid social advertiser in a corner scribbling campaign plans all over a whiteboard – and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing for October (and even most of September)! 

The key to success in any peak seasonal period is to be prepared. Of all the peaks and troughs, Black Friday can be by far the most unpredictable, so it’s extremely important to not just have plans but to have backup plans to your plans, and backup plans to your backup plans. 

Thankfully, our experienced Paid Social team have been scribbling for weeks now, so we’re very ready for peak season to hit and looking forward to achieving fantastic client results. 

The Great Embryo Bake Off!

Although we’re incredibly busy working on client strategies and driving performance, it’s also important to support the friendly and fun culture that we have here at Embryo. With that in mind, it has become a bit of a tradition that the social team organise The Great Embryo Bake Off every year! 

Running alongside the Channel 4 TV show, the social team launched the annual company-wide baking competition in October. The first week’s theme was cake, followed by bread and chocolate weeks. 

The bake-off competition allows us to have a little bit of fun, of course, but it is also a great activity to create lots of social media-worthy moments and content to be used across Embryo’s own social media channels. Keep an eye out for sneak peeks of our bakes on Instagram & TikTok! 

Client Success

Alongside all the fun above, we’ve seen some great results and performance through October. Take a look:

  • 25% MOM increase in Meta ad revenue for a home retail brand
  • 21% MOM increase in Pinterest ROAS for a home interior company

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If you’re interested in what we’re up to as a department, please get in touch! We’d love to hear from you and how we could help you see results and push your business forward using paid social. 

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