30 Millennial Marketing Stats to Inform your Digital Marketing Strategy

There are a multitude of reasons as to why millennial marketing stats are important. 

And, why a business might target millennials differently to the ways in which it targets other generational groups in its digital marketing efforts, for example through Digital PR, social media, or email marketing.

Born between 1981 and 1996, millennials are widely known for adopting a distinctive set of behaviours, values and preferences that mean they approach engagement with brands and their topics of interest, differently from those of the other groups. Knowing how is key if you want to grab their attention.

Millennials are known to: be very digitally engaged, are avid users of social media, value authenticity and brand transparency, are drawn to content that provides value, follow and trust influencers in niches, appreciate personalisation, favour ephemeral content and value social consciousness.

All of these, and the stats below, will be helpful to take into account when marketing to this age group. Do it right, and it could impact your ROI positively.

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30 Millennial Marketing Stats to Inform Your Digital Marketing Strategy

  1. Millennials pay attention to digital content for about 12 seconds on average
  2. Millennials are the generation most likely to use AI daily in the workplace – and interested in using it, too
  3. 71% of millennials regularly shop online on their mobiles
  4. 86% of millennials overspend on Christmas gifts – showing they could be targeted for higher price retail items than you might think
  5. 40% of millennials check online reviews before making a purchase
  6. More than half of millennials want brands to be reliable – their number one priority
  7. 72% of millennials prefer customised ads to general ads – personalisation is key
  8. 87% of millennials ‘always or sometimes’ make unplanned purchases
  9. For almost half of all millennials, the information they come across on social media has a direct impact on the purchase decisions they make
  10. Despite their connection to the media, millennials spend two-thirds the amount that Gen X or Baby Boomers spend on entertainment each year
  11. People who use other devices while watching TV are aged between 26 to 36 years
  12. The average millennial checks their phone approximately 45 times a day. However, some take this well into the hundreds
  13. 33% of the age group uses ad-blocking software to get rid of brand advertising online
  14. Despite misconceptions millennials overspend, 60% will save by buying a generic product over a brand name
  15. Around 70% of millennials believe in marketing performed by means of YouTube
  16. 80% of millennials want brands to entertain them
  17. 72% of millennials want loyalty programs from their favourite brands
  18. Facebook may actually be falling out of favour with millennial audiences
  19. For 31% of millennials, a minimum 3-star rating on a company’s profile page can help them make a buying decision
  20. The most preferred visual type is short videos
  21. 65% of millennials would buy a product or service based on a friend’s recommendation on social media
  22. 61% of millennials have made a purchase via email in the last year
  23. 95% of millennials are social media followers of a brand
  24. It’s anticipated that one in four millennials will not marry by their early 50s
  25. 35% of millennials say user-generated content feels more authentic
  26. Three out of four millennials prefer using messages for social communication, which is similar to the Gen X representatives
  27. 68% of millennials require an integrated, seamless experience regardless of the platform
  28. Around 57% of millennial women’s purchasing decisions are enhanced by the brand’s value and social proof
  29. 47% of millennials use social media to learn about new trends
  30. 79% of millennials think ads are necessary for brands

The Stats Show Millennial Marketing Can Be a Lucrative One For Brands

So, based on these stats, a tailored digital marketing strategy for different generational age groups might be necessary. The stats show that millennials like to spend more than they usually would on gifts for others, are influenced by brands’ values, and love social media content – including short videos, trust ratings and reviews, and more.

These stats can help with Digital PR strategies, social media use, paid ads, tone of voice, email marketing and much more.

At Embryo, we can provide you with tailored advice on how to put together an informed and progressive digital marketing strategy for maximum ROI. To learn more call our office on 0161 327 2635 or e-mail [email protected].

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