Don’t Know What to Post? Here’s 12 LinkedIn Content Ideas!

If you’re looking to develop your professional personal branding LinkedIn is a great way to get started. The platform is built to encourage users to make connections and provide a space for people on social media to discuss various topics and facilitate discussions. 

However, deciding what to post on LinkedIn can be the hardest decision that ultimately puts people off from posting on the platform altogether. Here at Embryo, we understand the importance of creating a content strategy for your personal brand. 

We’ve put together 12 content ideas to help people get started or for those who are struggling with what to post next. If you’d like to learn more about creating a LinkedIn content strategy, contact our award-winning social team today or get in touch by phone at 0161 327 2635 or email [email protected].

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Why You Should Be Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn launched in 2003 and it has significantly cemented its position as one of the largest professional social media platforms in the world. With over 950 million users – 117 job applications are submitted every second on the platform.

LinkedIn is different from other social media platforms as it was created on the foundation of business networking. For example, it’s the go-to place for recruiters when searching for candidates to fill their roles – at least 77% of them have a LinkedIn profile to connect with people. 

Not only should you have a personal LinkedIn profile to showcase yourself – if you’re a B2B business LinkedIn is a great way to generate leads as it can be 277% more effective than other social media networks like Facebook.

LinkedIn Content Pillars

There are many different strategies online on how you should approach your LinkedIn content strategy – you’ll find each popular user on the platform will have their own perspective.

Sophie Miller – who’s currently got 135k followers on LinkedIn – tells her audience that before they decide on their content pillars they should ask themselves 3 questions first:

  • Why are you building your personal brand?
  • What do you want to be known for?
  • Who do you want to be known to?

So if you’re a paid social manager and you’re looking to be known as a thought leader who discusses platform updates, creative campaigns and client results with other experts in your field, and connects with potential clients.

Then you will need to ensure you use a mix of posts where you look to connect with other experts and when looking to connect with new clientele it will be crucial to include CTA’s with each post.

If you’re looking to grow your following on LinkedIn and become a thought leader in your sector – check out our blog on LinkedIn Creator Developments to find out how you can use this profile setting to track your posts and identify opportunities for your posts.

12 Content Ideas For LinkedIn

If you’re not an avid LinkedIn user you may be thinking where do I start, what should I be posting about, how often should I post, and how can I make my posts engaging. Take a look at our 14 content ideas for both personal and business LinkedIn profiles.

1. Personal Experience

Storytelling is a great way to share past experiences and connect with other users on the platform who resonate with that particular topic. You don’t have to just comment on past work experience you can delve into your personal life.

Sharing stories on personal growth is a common topic amongst LinkedIn users – you can address any goals you have achieved, how you got there and what you have learnt from this experience. 

What’s great is that if this post performs well you can repurpose this content and look how you can create micro posts where you look to focus on 1 detail/point – allowing you to create multiple pieces of content rather than just 1. 

2. News About Your Sector

Has there been any recent updates, tools, or industry news you can share insight on? If you answered ‘other experts in your field’ above when looking at your content pillars – then this topic area will be one of your most important and most talked about areas.

You have the ability to showcase your knowledge and drive conversation amongst other LinkedIn users. If you’re in marketing you can look to comment on new marketing campaigns where you evaluate whether you think this was successful or what would you do differently.

If you are going to mention other users or companies make sure you tag them in your post so they get notified which will increase your chances of them seeing your post to engage with.

3. Career Update: Promotion Or New Role

Have you started a new job? Been Promoted? Or shouting about your years of service to your current employer – write a post about it! 

People love to share celebrations and this is an easy way to increase your engagement – who wouldn’t want to comment ‘congratulations’.

4. Sharing Your Recent Experience With A Webinar

Recently attended a webinar? Share your experience about it – think about what you’ve learned and how will this impact you going forward. Make sure when sharing a post like this you note down the host’s and guest speakers’ names so you can tag them in your post to increase your reach!

5. Audience Engagement Posts Such as Polls

Polls are a great way to create engagement on your posts – the more people who react to the poll the more LinkedIn will push your post out to new users. 

6. Commenting On A Current News Story

This doesn’t have to jump me in your industry this can also apply to any events in the news at this current time. You may find they could potentially impact your industry which you could look to address in this post. 

7. Jumping On LinkedIn Trends

If you’re struggling with content and you feel like you’re running out of ideas for this month then jumping on LinkedIn trends is a creative way to join the conversation. When jumping on trends make sure you’re using the correct hashtags that align with the trend to ensure your post will appear in search results.

8. Wrote A Blog? Share It!

If you’re a marketeer especially you will have found yourself at one point writing a guest blog on your company website. Now you’ve spent all that writing it – why don’t you share this on LinkedIn with your audience? It’s a strategic way to encourage people to visit the website but also to spark a discussion. 

9. Resharing Other User’s Posts With Commentary

You don’t always have to share your own post on LinkedIn to be shown as active. Engaging with other users or other experts in your field is a great way to create engagement but also increase your own personal brand.

You can leave a comment or you can share this post with your own audience – if you are looking at this option make sure you write at least 2 lines of commentary to share your own perspective on the topic. This is a great way to push a post without spending a lot of time writing a new one.

10. Promoting Other Businesses

This is beneficial for both personal and company profiles. If your company has just hired another brand for catering, event space or entertainment – make a note of this company and take some pictures. 

You can share your images and tag the company and promote their services – this shows a great deal about your character and encourages engagement.

11. Client Testimonials Or Customer Reviews

If you’re a freelancer or a business this is crucial if you’re looking for new clientele on LinkedIn – you want to be able to show off genuine customer reviews to entice people to look into your service. 

When you are sharing testimonials – sharing infographics can get a user to stop scrolling and through your captions, you can detail or about the service on offer and who the client/customer are. 

If you are sharing an image make sure you get permission from the brand to include their name and logo before sharing.

12. Resharing Past Successful Content

Unsure what to write? Take a look at your past posts – are there any that had a good amount of engagement and reach? Is there a post that sparked a lot of comments? Instead of writing a post about a new topic take that post a split it up into micro topics – this way you can get multiple uses out of one post.

If a piece of content is successful you can reshare this but just adapt the way you approach it – you will find this topic/post will become evergreen and you can get away with posting about it each quarter if not bi-monthly so you don’t exhaust it with your audience.

Start Your LinkedIn Journey Today with Embryo

If you’re looking to develop your personal brand then your first step is creating a LinkedIn account. Creating content can be easy once you have understood the reason why you are on LinkedIn and what are you wanting to achieve through this platform. Look to create evergreen content – but remember it’s all about testing! 

Have fun with your profile – try not to get bogged down on making each post perfect – be authentic and you will see the benefits. If you do get stuck refer back to our content ideas and I’m sure you won’t run out of possibilities ad we all know how quickly trends come and go. 

If you get stuck – take a look at what other people are posting about and see what people are engaging. 

Are you wanting advice? Get in touch with our social team or email us today at [email protected].

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