30+ Marketing Automation Stats For 2023

If you work in digital marketing or wider marketing generally and haven’t been living under a rock for the last 5 years, there’s a good chance that you’ve at least heard about marketing automation. 

While it has uses for a whole host of marketing channels, the PPC team at Embryo have been using marketing automation ourselves to help streamline our workflows and increase our output. 

Marketing automation refers to software that has the ability to automate various processes, often to varying degrees of competence, in a bid to make people’s lives easier and assist with monotonous or repetitive tasks. 

This includes tasks such as welcome emails, birthday greetings to customers, abandoned baskets retargeting messages, helping assist with the onboarding of customers and many more. All of this results in productivity boosts and time-saving for employees, and an increased ROI for businesses. 

To help illustrate this, we’ve prepared some marketing automation stats that help show the power of marketing automation.

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Current Marketing Automation Usage

There are a number of reasons why a business would look toward marketing automation platforms to help enhance their own marketing efforts. Below, we’ve listed some interesting statistics revolving around the current usage patterns of marketing automation among businesses and their employees. 

What Businesses Are Seeing from Their Marketing Automation Usage

It is all well and good knowing about why exactly businesses are incorporating marketing automation platforms into their workflows, but what’s more important is the results that they produce…

How Marketing Automation Is Utilised across Different Channels

Marketing automation is used across different marketing channels for a variety of reasons. Below is a deeper dive into how marketing is used.

In Summary

It is clear to see that marketing automation is showing no signs of wavering, with a variety of marketing channels reaping the rewards for their campaigns. However, not all marketing platforms are the same, and some marketing automation platforms are more suitable for different businesses depending on the need and goals of the business. 

Thankfully, we at Embryo are able to assist with this. With years of experience across each marketing channel, while utilising marketing automation to spearhead countless successful campaigns, we can take the pain out of deciding on which marketing platform is best to use and give you comprehensive guidance and support. 

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