How to Write Blogs That Your Audience Will Love in 6 Easy Steps

To say we’ve all been learning how to write since we were tiny tots, writing blogs in a way that is engaging and captivating is actually quite a difficult skill to master.

Not to mention the fact that we are living in a generation of skim readers.

Have you ever bounced straight off a piece of content because it was:

  1. Too long?
  2. Hard to digest?
  3. Just plain boring?
  4. Not giving you the answers you needed?

If you answered yes to one of those questions, it’s probably because the writer hasn’t considered the needs (and short attention-span) of their readers.

The way we digest content online is changing, so it’s important to meet the behaviours of internet users by structuring blogs in a way that is easy to read.

It all starts with just that – being easy to read.

We want solutions, answers, and insightful information about the topics we’re interested in as quickly as possible.

Not only that, readers are hungry for entertainment. If your blog contains gigantic chunks of uninteresting text, don’t expect it to have the desired effect.

So, with that, if you want to know how to write blogs that keep your audience engaged (and encouraged to browse the rest of your website), get stuck into these simple steps!

Don’t beat around the bush

99% of the time, a user has landed on your blog because it has appeared (quite far up) in the search results, after they’ve entered a question they’re seeking an answer to or product/service they’re looking for.

Give. Them. What. They. Want.

A snappy introduction that explains exactly what purpose the blog serves should suffice. You can give a quick overview of the subject and dive deeper into it throughout the blog.

Just do yourself a favour and don’t add fluff. Nobody wants to read it.

Make it longform but not so long you’re talking about rubbish

Here at Embryo, we are advocates of long-form content. We will continue to rave about the benefits of long-form content until the end of time.

It’s informative, it pleases Google, it ranks well and it builds trust.

However, writing blogs is all about balance. Lengthen the content if it needs it. Don’t write a load of rubbish if it’s not beneficial.

If you’ve picked the right topic, you should have enough to talk about without it seeming long winded.

Bullet points and headers are your best friend

Separate your content. We are all skim readers – as said before, we want information fast. Because of this, your reader will scroll through your blog to find what they’re looking for.

Bullet points and bold headlines snatch attention – use these as much as possible.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with layout and sentence structure

Similar to the previous point, the visual aspect of your content plays a huge role in how it is consumed. Don’t shy away from blunt sentences.

It’s also ok to bold sentences that you want to stand out.

We’re not in GCSE English class anymore, this is an online article, not an analytical essay. Play with structure. Do what you think works best for the digital reader.

Use direct address to really engage the reader

You need to get into the habit of writing directly. Address the reader. Be personal. Use rhetorical questions and craft content in a way that feels like it was made for every individual that lands on the page.

The word ‘you’ is an incredibly powerful word. Never underestimate the power of direct address.

Relate, empathise, uncover their issues and offer the solution

Average copywriters write directly about the product or service they are selling.

Great copywriters uncover the issues of the reader. They encourage their readers to think deeply about why their issues are so problematic, before offering the best possible solution.

Evoke emotion, provide the solution they have spent ages looking for.

Remember – the blogs you write should encourage readers to further engage with your website. Don’t be afraid to add CTAs and push them towards other areas of the site.

Blogs can be published for numerous purposes, whether it be for sheer entertainment, to aid ranking or to build trust. Regardless, your blogs should answer questions that make your business look like experts.

Every fantastic blog you publish should convert more readers into customers.

Blogs should leave each reader with the following opinion:

These guys KNOW their sh*t.

Leave content creation to the professionals and save yourself the hassle

Why not alleviate the stress of perfecting your content and leave it to the experts?

Here at Embryo, we have a highly skilled team of writers that can ensure each blog is written to perfection.

So, if you want:

  • Content that ranks highly
  • Content that converts
  • Content that is engaging and informative

We’ve got the solution for you. Contact us now to find out how we can help you with an Insanely good SEO and content marketing campaign.


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