How to Get Your Trustpilot Reviews On Your Site

Trustpilot is easily the world’s largest review platform for business, locations and landmarks, but why should you shout about them on your website? Well…you’re not going to lose traffic or sales, you will gain them if anything, so I will run you through the process of getting the widgets you need on your site as quickly and as efficiently as possible. 

First Step

Make sure your business has Trustpilot and reviews on it, even if it’s just one. Without this, you can’t increase the average amount of sales you might get. If you don’t have one, obviously…get one and get reviews! Even if you get your mate to write one, it will still show your business on the platform as ‘Excellent’. 

Second Step 

Once you’ve done this, it’s smooth riding, if you have WordPress (which is the only platform I will be talking about in this blog) you will be able to install plugins easily. Below you will see an algorithm of how you would go about installing Trustpilot. 


Login to WordPress >> Plugins >> Add New >> Search ‘Trustpilot’ and Install their plugin >> Login/Set-up if it requests you to (sometimes they do not).


This is the initial set-up, but if you want widgets pulled through in the easiest way, you gotta pay for it. I would suggest the ‘lite’ version if you are a medium-sized business, this way you get access to the majority of widgets in the plugin, see below an example of the widgets you can get with the lite version: 

You can use all of these variations on your site, which is included in the ‘lite’ package that is approximately one thousand eight hundred per year. 

Below you can see some live version of the ‘Trustboxes’ that has been fully optimised and moved to accommodate the users and work well on the site.

Here you can see the number of reviews the business has and the star review, this can be pulled through with the ‘lite’ version and can have a positive impact on the sales and the amount of users clicking around the site as they now ‘trust’ the site and brand more than before. 

Many variations can be uploaded to sites, this is just an example of one I have worked on previously. 

Third Step 

I know I have SHOWN you what you can get on your site with the upgraded Trustpilot bundle, but not how to actually optimise it for your preference. 

So when you have bought the lite package, downloaded the plugin and have reviews, you need to choose your widget and fit it onto your site as you want it. When you are on the plugin, you will have your homepage/Landing page showing with a column of widgets on the left-hand side. Hover over the ‘?’ and you will see an example of each variation of the widgets. Choose the one you think your users will like and drag and drop on the page in any section. 

It won’t look right at first, because you need to use the customisation panel to change the height, colour and size on the page. Using the arrows, change the pixel size and ‘tinker’ with the sizes, once you get the right size you can choose to fix it to the page or have it floating so users can see it all the time on the page.  It can go on either the top right/left or the bottom right/left, your choice. 

Once you have completed this, you should be in a position to ‘publish’. Do that if you are happy and reviewed it on your site, if you don’t like it, go through the above process again. 

If you need any help with Trustpilot reviews on your site or just need help with your SEO in general, contact us now! 



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