I Understand Your Objections to SEO, But They’re Wrong

Search engine optimisation is, in my opinion, the most complicated and mysterious form of marketing. Therefore, a lot of people can misunderstand it, which in turn leads to people objecting it – that’s nature!

So, I understand your objections to SEO, and why your business needs it, but they’re wrong. Your business needs it now more than ever, if your goal is for your business to be relevant in 2019 and beyond, which I hope is the case.

Here are some common objections of which people may have, and I will discuss with you my opinions about them.

‘Social media drives more traffic, so it’s more worthwhile.’

No. Sorry. I absolutely love social media and have years of experience helping businesses utilise social media marketing, and I plan on continuing to do that, but I always advise to not put all eggs into that basket and to pair it with other forms of marketing, too. Social media is a game of attention, and your efforts on any platform are spent trying to interrupt someone’s day. Nobody opens up Instagram or Facebook to buy a cricket bat, they open it spend 30 minutes watching videos of cute kittens.


When people search for ‘cricket bat store near me’ their sole intention is to get their hands on an amazing cricket bat. Do you think the person who ranks number one, and ultimately gains this users click, has the opinion that ‘x channel is better so I’m not focussing on SEO’? No, they get it, therefore are gaining. Ultimately, every marketing channel serves its own purpose, which is why it exists in the first place. Use them all!

‘SEO may drive traffic, but not the right kind.’

I’ve heard this a few times. It makes sense, but can be dispelled rather easily. They sometimes mean that organic traffic is just made up of people searching for their brand name. This is the case if you haven’t optimised your website for SEO, to begin with. Going back to the cricket analogy, if your site is only optimised for your brand name ‘James’ cricket store’, of course, you’re only going to gain traffic from people searching for that. However, if you optimise your meta to include the keyword phrase ‘Manchester Cricket Store’, and build quality links and upload helpful content, you’ll start to gain traffic from people with intent to find their new favourite cricket store.

‘SEO takes too long.’

This is the main one that everyone who works in SEO gets frustrated with. I don’t get frustrated, as it makes complete sense. I could talk for a long time about this one, but I’ll keep it short…

Search engine optimisation is not a quick-fix and does not provide instant results. However, you want website traffic, sales and enquiries, right? Well, what are you doing currently that provides you with genuine, sustainable quality results over a long period of time? I doubt there is an answer to that. Whereas, if you start using the right search engine methodology now, you can start to rank for all the key terms your target audience is searching and cast your net over them; ultimately gaining the exact results you want and need from the people who want you.

To conclude.

Yes, SEO is a pain. Trust me, I get it. However, we all know that nothing good comes without a bit of hard work, and if you’re wanting instant gratification and wins, business probably isn’t the right thing for you, as it can be a cruel world! SEO allows you to take control into your own hands, and drive your audience straight to your website.

In all seriousness, if you have objections to SEO, please get in touch with myself or the team, as I’d love to have a chat with you to understand your point of view and see how we can help!


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