How to Get Into Marketing in the UK in 2022

Getting into marketing in 2022 for graduates, people with a small amount of experience, or not many connections, can seem daunting.

Add to that, the constant bombardment of motivational videos by people who have no idea about the real world and the idea of getting into this industry can feel like a million miles away.

So, to help those asking the question “How do I get into the UK marketing industry?” we here at SEO agency Embryo have asked some of our digital marketing experts how they would answer that question.

The guys and girls answering this question range from our Directors who have founded Embryo, to those who are client-side, grafting each and every day to bring great campaigns to our clients.

Hopefully, after reading this you’ll have a better, more realistic idea, about how to get into the marketing industry in Britain in 2022.

How to Get into the UK SEO and Digital Marketing Industry, as Explained by 9 of Our Experts

“I had invented a piece of software at an IT company and because I wrote it, they asked me to ‘babysit’ the software in case it broke. But because it was a really simple tool, it never broke, and I was sat there twiddling my thumbs. And then this thing called ‘SEO’ started to get more and more popular on my news feeds (around 2001). And the rest is history.” – James Welch, Chief Innovation Director

“Get connecting with people in the industry on Linkedin – write to them and explain how you’re really interested in marketing and would like some work experience. Use that time to learn which areas of marketing it is that you’re interested in, then go home and tailor your CV to highlight the skills needed and start applying to entry-level positions. Take on as much knowledge in your free time as you can (Free online courses, reading books, watching youtube tutorials).” – Jessica Newling-Goode, Social Media Executive

“Try to stop seeing ‘marketing’ as a homogenous glob and research the different skills and disciplines that make it up. Once you’ve done that, you can identify which areas would best suit the things you’re best at, and which interest you the most.” – Jennifer Forrester, Head of Strategy

“Showing initiative by expanding on your own learning is a good way into marketing, whether through diplomas or other similar qualifications, as it shows a capacity for learning in an industry and that is ever-changing and requires constant self-development.” – Thomas McGuigan, PPC Account Manager

“I got into marketing by knowing people, my best mate was already in the industry and got me the interview, I started in a trainee role and haven’t looked back. So my best advice to people asking is to find people in the industry and muscle into a job, starting from a bottom trainee level and grow into the job by being a sponge for learning.” – Cal Morris, Organic SEO Account Manager

“I studied marketing & comms at uni and then after working in house for a business, I decided I wanted to be in an agency and I got my first agency job by meeting the MD at an agency. Then I just basically did whatever job they threw at me, even if it meant I didn’t know what to do and had to go away, learn, ask others etc. Then, like Cal Morris, I just worked their way up, so I echo his advice and just add to make sure you’re always reading/learning.” – Hannah Matthewman, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager

“I guess it depends on what route they want to go down, they can either seek the apprenticeship route or go to university. I studied business management with marketing at uni and secured a marketing placement at J&J where I got exposure to all areas of marketing, which was great because it actually showed me what I did and did not want to get involved in within the big umbrella of marketing.” – Kasey Healy, Paid Social Graduate Executive

“Find a part of it that you’re good at and run with it. Look for placements, internships, and apprenticeships – all are great routes into the industry. Once you’re in there’s so many avenues to grow and ways to learn, so be receptive and get involved in everything as much as you can!” – Dylan Heath, Organic Content Account Manager

“Create portfolios of work, if you can, and only if you can, offer your services to friends, family, and friends of friends, for free. You’ll be surprised how little you need to know to showcase to potential employers that you’re the person you should hire, especially for entry-level positions. Show that you have the right attitude, more than anything, 99% of marketing disciplines can be taught to a person who is willing and ready to learn – that is absolute gold dust for marketing agencies. They want people who are willing to graft.” – Charlie Meyler, Content and Marketing Executive 

There’s no doubt getting into this industry is difficult but as you’ve seen there are multiple ways in and if you can show, in your job applications, a willingness to learn and graft you’ll discover that you’re a marketers dream.

If you’re after a career in marketing, we have a bunch of roles available in lots of different departments. Head to our careers page to discover more.


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