December Content Roundup

Christmas is just around the corner, which means that December is coming to an end. It’s often a bit of a strange month with fewer working days leaving some of us in a mad rush to get all our work done. Of course, in the world of content and search engine marketing, December can mean lower search volumes and less traffic as people concentrate on the festivities. 

That means that December is a great month to find some time and refresh your brain with some new ideas. Here at Embryo Digital, we like to look back at what’s happened in the industry when we reach the end of the month. Why not see in the new year by taking a look at industry trends, content guides and tips, and content writing tools that have got people talking?

6 Questions to Ask When Writing Web Page Content by State Of Digital

When it comes to content marketing, there are some agencies that will pump out content for the sake of content. We call this ‘filler’ content that pads out web pages and gives a chance for more SEO. Unfortunately, as highlighted by State Of Digital in this article, that doesn’t mean creating engaging or well-performing web content.  

Here, we get a quick checklist of questions to ask yourself while assembling the bones of your content. Before writing, you should have a clear idea of the page and content intent, the audience, the SEO needs, and the benefits of the product or service. We think that having 6 Questions To Ask When Writing Web Page Content can help bring and keep these to the front of your mind whilst writing. 

Top 5 Content Writing Tools For Graphic Designers by Inkbot Design

As a search-led marketing agency, we love long-form content here at Embryo. We know that pumping a page full of authoritative and expert content can lead to fantastic results. However, there’s been a long-running clash between design and SEO/content. While this list of tools by Inkbot Design is aimed at graphic designers, we think they’re also great for content writers hoping to make the most of their content’s style and formatting. 

As well as highlighting industry favourites such as Grammarly and the Hemingway app, this list of Top 5 Content Writing Tools For Graphic Designers has some great picks for blending content and design more effectively. Ideaflip, for example, is a great visual brainstorming app, and Piktochart can help provide content writers with captivating infographics. 


We’ve all been there: you’re asked to brainstorm ideas for blogs and web content and all of a sudden you start firing blanks. Generating new and interesting ideas can be difficult, especially when it’s around similar topics. In this article, Web Designer Depot offers up a set of tips for keeping your rate of output high – even when your creative spirit might be taking a lie-in. 

This article from the Web Designer Depot provides some great general tips for getting yourself in the kind of headspace necessary for creative idea generation. 6 Tips For Writing Content Regularly tells you to get off the internet every now and then, follow trends from a distance and to keep ingesting new ideas in order to nurture your creative side.

Learn 10 Content Writing Strategies of Successful Writers (in 2020) by Prowly

We’re heading into a brand new decade. What better to christen it than by taking a look at some very successful content writing strategies? Prowly gives us a step by step guide with all the ingredients of great content marketing. With a lot of industry insight, this is a great read for writers eager to improve and grow in 2020.

From taking a step back from including overly-verbose language in your writing and planning longer-form content to researching the industry and constructing better headlines, this article will make for great reading in that leisurely week between Christmas and New Year. Even if it’s all things you think you already know, Learn 10 Content Writing Strategies of Successful Writers (in 2020) is a great refresher. 

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