We’ve had some great feedback since we released our latest report, ‘Comparing 235 Aesthetic Clinic Websites in the United Kingdom’ just under 2 weeks ago. From new enquiries to some very exciting client meetings, we’re very happy with the results we’ve gained so far and can’t wait to see what’s yet to come. As you may be aware, we’ve already discussed the data from the Scottish, Northern Irish and the north of England’s clinics featured in the report, so now, it’s the turn of the south of England’s aesthetic businesses. In this post, we compare them along SEO-related measures, as well as provide tips on how to improve your on-site SEO.

Discussion Of The Data – The South Of England’s Aesthetic Businesses

The southern clinics included ranged from those offering a variety of cosmetic procedures such as COSMEDOCS, The London Cosmetic Clinic, The Harley Medical Group and SaRivaa Aesthetics, to those who focus solely on facial treatments, such as Change Aesthetics and Visage Clinic.


Keywords are the terms and phrases that you want your business to rank for, so that when users type related-terms in their search engines, your business appears for them. The right keywords can help to increase website traffic, create an engaged audience and increase conversions, as well as help Google to understand what your business is all about. The more keywords your website ranks for, the greater the chances that it’ll be found by potential and new clients.

Aesthetic businesses performing well in this regard include Cosmedics (9,597), The Harley Medical Group (6,530), Eudelo (6,050) and PHI Clinic (2,408). However, Brighton Beautiful (20), Dr Kathryn Aesthetics (11), Azure Aesthetics (8) and CMedica; Aesthetic Clinic (17) could do with with some help in this department.

DR: Domain Rating

Domain Rating (DR) is a metric created by Ahrefs that signifies the strength of a website’s backlink profile. The stronger the backlink profile – which is the number of websites that link back to yours, the better, as search engines place more trust and credibility in websites with a greater number of good quality backlinks. In the aesthetic industry, quality backlinks include links from websites such as aesthetic magazine, Aesthetics and The pmfa Journal, as well as help forums such as real self and consultingroom.

A higher level of trust will also mean that a search engine will consider a website as more relevant to a potential client’s search query, helping it to rank higher in the SERP. Other benefits of good backlinks include referral traffic, brand awareness and the potential to build strong relationships with those websites’ businesses.

Companies with the strongest backlink profile include The Harley Medical Group (49), Eudelo (34), PHI Clinic (33) and Visage Clinic (29). Businesses with lower backlink profiles include Look Lovely London (1), The ME Clinic (7), VGMedia (6) and Medikas (4). A cause for concern, some businesses, such as Bamboo Aesthetics, Essex Medical Aesthetics, Athena Clinics and LH Aesthetics have a DR of 0.

IP: Number Of Links

We also considered the total number of links that each website had, to determine the level of overall quality. Poor links can have a negative effect on a website’s online presence, with bad practice resulting in penalties, and sometimes, blacklisting. It’s therefore important that all businesses detect potentially bad backlinks and clean them up.

On page 5 of our report (page title: How Google views the aesthetic clinic websites in our study), you’ll find our EmbryoGraph. This states that the thicker the border of a circle – which represents an individual website – the more links that website has from others. If the border is also solid, then the website has good inbound links, whereas if it’s dashed, then it may be lacking in comparison to its competitors.

COSMEDOCS (318), Eudelo (203) and Cosmedics (259) are among those with a good IP. Interestingly, The Harley Medical Group has an IP of 906, but a dashed border, suggesting they should take another look at the websites they allow to link to them.

Great Ways To Improve Your On-Site SEO

Create Quality Content

This includes:

  • Writing content that is relevant to your industry and is better than content that is already out there for a specific set of keywords. This usually means producing content that is longform and authoritative, that can compete with professional publications for trust and accuracy.
  • Producing original content, whether that’s articles, images, infographics or videos.
  • Content that adds value to your website, and isn’t just published for the sake of it. Ensure it’s well-researched, a good read and something your audience can relate to.

Add Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

This should be obvious, but when search engines are trying to understand your website, they’ll check the page title, the page description, the headings and the content. They do this to help determine where your page should rank, and therefore adding keyword-led titles and descriptions are always a good idea.

Titles And Meta Descriptions Should Also:

  • Be no more than 60 characters long. This is the average number of characters displayed by Google in the search results.
  • Include qualifiers that make the product or service sound to good to be missed.

Use A Great SEO Tool

Trying to compete with others in your industry can be overwhelming, but luckily, there are some great tools out there that can help you succeed. For example, at Embryo Digital, we use tools such as Answer The Public, Keyword Spider and Keyword Planner, and let me tell you, it makes all the difference to the quality of content that we produce for our clients.


Internal Links

When posting content on your website, we recommend linking to other pages or blog posts within your website. This not only leads visitors to other pages on your website, but also creates an SEO opportunity by including keywords in the anchor text of the link.

If you’re looking for help with your company’s SEO, please give us a call today on (0161) 327 2635 and one of our digital marketing specialists will aid your strategy.


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