30 Mind-Blowing Blog Stats

One visit to our website will show you just how much we love regular blog posting. At Embryo, we do our best to publish a new piece of content every single day and have done for a good number of years now. We do this because we’ve seen the impact, on Google and website visitors, that have reams and reams of content going on the site every day can have.

From greater keyword reach and broader online visibility to a greater quality of leads coming from website visitors with strong buying intent, the benefits are endless.

To convince you further, we’ve scoured the web and compiled 30 convincing stats that prove, beyond just our love of it, the power of blogging regularly for businesses, regardless of size or industry.

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30 Blog Stats Worth Knowing!

  1. Businesses that regularly post blog content have around 434% more indexed pages that provide them with huge levels of search visibility.
  2. Posting blog content helps brands receive 97% more likes on their website than those who don’t.
  3. When it comes to lead generation B2B businesses generate 67% more leads than those who don’t.
  4. A quarter of UK people aged 5-18 regularly read blogs
  5. The average blog post is just over 1,300 words.
  6. Blog content is the fifth most trusted source of content online.
  7. Over three-quarters (77%) of people on the internet read blog content
  8. When it comes to purchasing decisions, consuming blog content has been rated as the third most influential form of digital resource.
  9. 3 out of every 5 Americans have made a purchase based on what a blog has recommended. (CMI)
  10. For small businesses, the power of blogs cannot be overestimated. Those that regularly publish blogs acquire 126% more leads than those without. (TechClient)
  11. Want a positive ROI? Then prioritise blogs. Marketers who do are 13 times more likely to see positive ROI.
  12. Enjoy 55% more website visitors than your competitors by leveraging the power of blog content.
  13. Images are very important in blog content. Those that have them are viewed 94% more than blogs which are just walls of text.
  14. When blogging, focus on writing more, long-from posts generate nine times the leads that shorter blogs do.
  15. Blogging at least 20 times a month will help businesses generate five times the traffic when compared to sites that blog less frequently than that.
  16. If you publish at least 16 blog posts you can expect 3.5 times the traffic than if you publish 0-4 times. Companies that publish 16 or more blog posts per month get 3.5 times more traffic than those that publish 0-4 posts.
  17. An incredible 81% of online consumers trust information and advice from blogs.
  18. Over half of the people who blog (54%) have said that blogging has made them an authoritative voice in their industry.
  19. 4 in every 5 business to business marketers consider blogging is the single most effective content marketing tactic for their brand. (CMI)
  20. Companies that invest in blog content have 97% more indexed links and pages than those that don’t. (HubSpot)
  21. Blogging is 55% of marketers’ top inbound marketing priority.
  22. 70% of customers will discover a company via their blog content over conventional adverts.
  23. Blog content has been shown to influence over half of every purchase decision made.
  24. The estimated cost per lead (CPL) for content marketing is £74.
  25. Half of the consumers who found a brand through a blog are more likely to purchase from them than if they came through a link.
  26. 14-17 word headlines generate the greatest number of shares.
  27. Adding stats to a blog increases its credibility.
  28. Spending more than 6 hours on a post yields the biggest rewards according to bloggers.
  29. Over half of Fortune 500 Companies have a blog that is public-facing.
  30. Brands achieve twice as much traffic from email marketing and lead nurturing campaigns.

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We hope that these 30 stats are proof enough of the power of blogging regularly and at a consistent level of quality.

At Embryo, we love all the opportunities blogging has to offer and love attacking new keywords and question-based terms to grow our, and our clients, keyword reaches.

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