30 YouTube Shorts Stats You Need to Know in 2024

Short-form video content has taken the digital world by storm. And leading the way is YouTube.

The platform’s Shorts are captivating millions of users on a global scale, with bite-sized and engaging videos that last up to 60 seconds. They are also a great asset for social media marketing campaigns, enabling brands to connect with a broader audience and boost their online presence. Yes, this new format may be shortening our attention spans. But it offers digestible content that can be consumed on the go – everything the modern viewer is looking for. Oh, and there’s no more skipping to get to the good parts…

Whether it’s a viral dance challenge or a clever DIY hack, there’s no denying that this fast-paced format is here to stay.

The team at Embryo have gathered together some top YouTube Shorts statistics – ranging from popular content categories to the number of monthly users (spoiler alert: there are a lot!).

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Our top 30 YouTube Shorts stats

  1. More than 2.3 billion people use YouTube every month
  2. There are a whopping 1.5 billion monthly active users
  3. YouTube content is most popular amongst Gen Zs and Millennials (users aged between 18 and 29 years old)
  4. The second-largest audience demographic was users aged between 30 and 49 years old
  5. Daily views have increased from 30 billion in 2022 to 50 billion in 2023 (on a global scale)
  6. Mobile devices make up over 70% of watch time
  7. Short-format videos have a 60-second limit
  8. 72% of YouTube Shorts are over 15 seconds long
  9. DIY-related content has proved to be extremely popular, with one video receiving over 560 million views
  10. The above video received at least 230 million views in its first month
  11. YouTube Shorts was first launched in India in 2020
  12. Creators are now able to monetise their short-form content
  13. In 2022, 54% of users were male
  14. YouTube Shorts now has a scheduling feature
  15. In September (2022) alone, 29 million user engagements were generated in the US
  16. In South Korea, just under 75% of users engage with short-form video content via YouTube Shorts
  17. Globally, YouTube receives over 25% of mobile traffic
  18. YouTube has subscribers from more than 100 countries
  19. In the US, 62% of internet users access YouTube on a daily basis
  20. YouTube is used by more than 80 different languages
  21. Short-form creators need to gain 1,000 subscribers to start making money
  22. Just over 25% of YouTube Shorts content was uploaded in India
  23. Following closely in 2nd place is the US, with over 23% of uploaded content
  24. Popular content genres include gaming, music, and dance
  25. YouTube Shorts has over 15 million active content creators
  26. Over the past year, the average time spent per session has increased by 30%
  27. The average view duration is around 45 seconds
  28. YouTube launched a $100 million funding scheme to pay short-form content creators
  29. Brazil is among the countries with the highest viewership, amounting to around 142 million users
  30. 73% of consumers prefer to watch a short video to learn about a new product or service

The movement toward short-form content is happening, fast

If anything, these statistics highlight just how rapidly the social media space is changing. With more and more users looking for instant entertainment and new content appearing by the second, YouTube Shorts has well and truly skyrocketed.

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