Why I Love The Work Culture At Embryo And Why I Joined The Team?

Before I get started, I just wanted to say that what I am going to say is not revolutionary as there are a lot of blog articles out there, ones that are probably better written than this one, that cover how it is to work at Embryo. And for all those fellow pragmatics who are seeking brevity: the work culture and environment is really good here at Embryo.

But if you want more information on why Embryo is so damn good, read on.

The Team

I had not started a new job in over four years and, let me tell you something, it can feel a lot like the first day of school. You know, making sure you have the right outfit and making sure you make the right impression. It can be a bit daunting and silly but that doesn’t detract from the nerves I was feeling. But luckily any feelings I had of nervousness and hesitancy was quickly quashed. As soon as I made my way into the office, I was met by the Embryo team in their natural habitat and knew I was in the right place.

It’s sound like a cliche but it’s true. I had felt myself settle in fairly quickly and I was able to pick up fairly quickly how I could fit into the Embryo ecosystem. This wasn’t because I knew what I wanted to do as soon as I entered the office (please see above, I was kinda nervous) but rather everyone was so welcoming and helpful I couldn’t help but settle in.

Also within my first week on the job, I was an award winner. How’s that for an introduction?! Okay that might not be the full story as this award was a the result of the hard work by the Embryo PPC team and saying I was an award-winner on my first week at Embryo is a bit of a stretch but looping back to the things I have been talking about here. The culture at Embryo is so solid that I felt welcomed into the team and instantly felt pride when the team rightfully got the reward the deserved.

The Culture

A company’s success can be put down to this one apparently simple and innocuous word: “culture”. But what the hell does it mean really? I mean “work culture”, to me at least, is one of those buzzwords that are bandied around the internet in among hundreds of articles out there that list indicators of a good work culture. These articles are good reads but ultimately a good culture is something that is tailored to what you want out of a job.

I mean when you think about it, it makes sense, right? There is no checklist for what makes a good culture in the workplace and if you think there is, you’ve been sold a half-truth, unfortunately. For me, a positive culture is all about having a feedback loop and having space for growth both personally and within the company.

And this is exactly what I have been getting out of Embryo. As a collective Embryo has been embracing listening to each other and growing in this way. One of my favourite things about Embryo is that anyone, and I mean anyone from the CEO to yours truly, can provide interact with anyone within the company and what they said will be valued and taken on board. It can be anything really anything at all. From insights on internal and external work practices and processes to supporting each others personal goals; you can guarantee that you will be heard at Embryo.

The Growth

The interesting growth at Embryo isn’t only about the team count, even though the company has grown, both in terms of count and quality, year on year without fail. This is one hell of an achievement especially with recent challenges we’ve all faced on a global scale. Other areas which Embryo has seen massive growth is in the new tools and services that Embryo offers.

The Embryo Index is an immensly powerful tool that identifies 100 of the top UK companies in a variety of industries. This is a free tool that anyone can use. The openness in Embryo to drive services and tools to the next level is nothing short of staggering. There are so many tools that are just staggering and believe me when I say keep your eyes peeled for Embryo Intermingle. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, do yourself a favour a book yourself in for a demo.

The drive and focus in this company is nothing like I’ve faced in the past. Trust me I am not under-selling this. Growth is multi-faceted to Embryo and this is why it is such an exciting concept within the company.

The “how does this sound to you?”

I mean I wouldn’t harp on about how good of a place Embryo is to work in if I didn’t think the person reading this blog might be a good fit with the company and if you think you might be, well read on there might be something that might interest you.

So, at the time of writing, there are 43 members of the Embryo team and, as is natural for any digital marketing agency at the top of its game, we’re always looking to grow. At this moment in time there are a few jobs going at the moment, check them out.

But if you are a fellow PPC nerd like me and you want to make that next leap to a forward-thinking, growing company with an unparalleled work culture, you might want to check out this LinkedIn post by Embryo MD, Ross Green, and this subsequent job post for PPC account manager. Who knows hopefully I’ll see you at Embryo soon enough.


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