20 highlights to end 2020

Now without being too cliche or repeating too much of what we already know, and what most people have already said, 2020 wasn’t the year anyone expected or predicted. However, despite this 2020 has been a big year for Embryo and as it comes to an end, we thought we would share some of our wins. So here are 20 Embryo highlights from 2020:

1.Moving into a new city centre office. (Granted we haven’t spent much time there but we look forward to welcoming the team and people back when we can). 

2. Growing our team by 47%, and we’re growing further! Take a look at our available careers

3. Launching a rebrand that reached over 2,894 people and had over 400 engagements.

4. As part of our rebrand, we designed and launched our brand new website. 

5. Developing and publishing two new Embryo Indexes which reached 20,000 people and directed 1,259 users to our website within the first week. 

6. Growing our PPC client base by 600%.

7. Creating and launching two manager development programmes to help to continue to advance our team. 

8. Having our team’s hard work recognised by being shortlisted for 12 awards, 10 of which we are awaiting the results, fingers crossed.

9. Running our ‘Wear the Cape with Pride’ campaign which raised £817 for akt, a lgbtq+ and youth homelessness charity.

10. Signing 61 new client projects.

11. Increasing our turnover by 98.4%.

12. Gaining 140 links for our Digital PR Autumn drinks campaign.

13. Working on a range of web projects including delivering a new website for Parkingeye which was before schedule.

14. Reaching monthly average ROAS as high as 21.9.

15. Managing ad spend of £2million.

16. Experiencing a seamless transfer to remote working because of our use of Notion.

17. Writing and sharing 226 blog posts.

18. Raising over £500 for Movember. 

19. Promoting six people internally in the company.

20. Organising and sending out 97 Christmas hampers from Cocoa Cabana.

Some personal highlights from team members are:

“All of the lovely people who have joined us this year….all the awards we were nominated for…how we’ve all supported each other through this really strange time…how hard everyone has been working and it’s been paying off for our clients. I also think someone buying Alex a wooden spoon with James Welch’s face on it for Secret Santa was pretty funny.” – Hannah Skulnick, Head of Content

“My number one highlight is easily how the whole team, from Ross and myself, to everyone else, has kept their discipline during the pandemic…this is the number one reason we have done well and kept our sanity during the year.” – James Welch, Director

“I have so many! Joining the team, getting to work on the rebrand and new website, managing such a great team of people…we’ve also implemented and been following lots of new processes and it turned out amazingly well.”  – Grace Nolan, Digital Project Manager

“My highlight is joining such an amazing group of talented people who are willing to go the extra mile to help one another. Because of this supportive team and the leadership I receive, I feel I have been able to develop more both personally and professionally than I have ever before in another job.” – Daniel Scarth, Developer


We’d like to say a huge thank you to our team, clients, and partners, who have been a part of our journey this year and we look forward to seeing what 2021 will bring.


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