What Is the Google 3-pack, and How Can You Optimise For It?

The Google 3-pack is the top three results that are displayed for local search engine rankings. Using the location of the user who is searching, Google ensures the results are relevant to where they are based. The results are often shown with a map that highlights where the businesses are located. 

Originally this was known as a Google 7-pack but in 2015, it was cut down to the 3-pack, with one reason being the results are more mobile-friendly. This reduction in results has increased the competition to be displayed, and as such many businesses are looking for ways to be included in one of the valuable spots. 

As the Google 3-pack is location-based, you cannot optimise specifically for the results as they depend on where the person carrying out the search is located. However, there are a few things you can do to increase the chances of your business being displayed in the 3-pack.

  • Make sure your Google My Business profile is complete and up to date. You can read more about how important this is here.
  • Encourage Google reviews as this will help boost your visibility and any reviews will also be shown on 3-pack results. 
  • Update your online listings to ensure they are correct and consistent across all the different platforms and websites. For example, company name, address and phone numbers. 
  • Cultivate links, especially local links that are relevant to your business. A detailed strategy can help with this, find out more.
  • Establish a strong social media presence, engaging with other users and sharing regular updates. 

A strong SEO strategy is important no matter what, but investing your time and efforts into these tips will help increase the chance of appearing in the Google 3-pack and as such boost your visibility for local searches. Want to learn more about SEO and understand the technical terms and jargon that is used? Then take a look at our highly comprehensive SEO Glossary


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