9 UK Brands to Keep An Eye Out For In 2024

New and exciting brands, in a range of industries, are appearing across the UK in 2024 looking to compete with big hitters or become the top dog in their respective sectors.

Yet, for those interested in the new movers and shakers which we assume is you, it can be hard to keep on top of who you should be keeping an eye out for.

So to keep things simple and easy for you we’ve picked 10 brands, some of whom are UK-based, that we think are worth bookmarking and watching their growth in 2024.

Have we missed any brands? We’re bound to, we could only pick 10 after all. If we have and there’s a brand you think we should know about, get in touch!

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From Pizza Ovens to Dog Food, Who Is Going Big in 2024?

Percival Menswear

Percival lives its motto and truly does reinvent the classics.

Seen on the backs of Hollywood A-Listers Percival clothing has taken the menswear world by storm thanks to elevated men’s classics that push the average man toward a more satorially inspired lifestyle.

What Percival does well is community. It knows its demographic, and its interests perfectly and regularly create campaigns that speak to that.

This community feel has never been more emphasised by the recent securing of over a million pounds worth of crowdfunded investment.

Expect this investment to be at the heart of its growth in 2024.

Butternut Box

Dog food is trendy now. Yep. In 2024, it’s more than just stuff you buy in a tin with little thought. Now, dog food is bought by ever-savvy consumers who want the best for their pooches.

One of those brands that has emerged is Butternut Box. They provide frozen fresh, high-quality dog food on a subscription basis.

Savvy branding that extends from the website right the way through to the box that the food comes in has seen Butternut Box quickly become the largest dog food provider in Europe.

Valued at over £500 million, Butternut Box is one to watch in 2024.


Bringing Neopolitan Pizza (and whatever else you can fit in there) into your home, Ooni has stamped its mark on the home pizza oven thanks to minimal setup, sleek designs, and a focus on high-quality products (offsetting a high price point) that is enjoyed by the thousands of people who have bought it.

Ooni has developed its product range over the years and now consumers have a choice of gas or wood-fired pizza ovens (Having used an Ooni I prefer the latter option), as well as a new indoor pizza oven that offers temperatures of up to 454 Celsius.

What makes Ooni stand out is the focus on building a community. Forums and savvy content marketing have brought customers together, further strengthening Ooni’s brand.

Amazon Fresh

It looks like Amazon is starting to muscle in on the UK food retail market and get a slice of the action.

Their USP? No checkouts.

With Amazon Fresh, users don’t need to scan items or queue at a checkout, they simply grab what they need and go. Any charges are put into their Amazon account automatically.

With stores in the US a common sight, the launch of Fresh in the UK has been less than smooth, with three stores in London already closed due to ‘underperforming sales’.

Despite this, Bezos’ behemoth continues to grow and more stores are planned to open this year.

Whether things go well or not, the launch of this new type of checkoutless store will certainly be worth watching.


A brand that has taken its time to take off in the UK, Uniqlo is firmly on the road to success.

New stores in Scotland and Manchester have seen them cement themselves as a brick-and-mortar presence on the high street.

The reason for Uniqlo’s success is a myriad of things. In the main, though, their vision is clear – to offer good basics at a price point that appeals.

Uniqlo doesn’t leap from trend to trend like competitors, they stick to offering a range of clothing that can be worn anytime, anywhere.

In a congested market, Uniqlo stands out, setting it up for success in 2024.


In a world where craft beer is everywhere, Jubel has done extremely well to stand out.

Jubel is a sessionable beer that is ‘cut’ with different flavours such as peach and lime and looks to bridge the gap between flavoured ciders and lagers.

Inspired by a ski trip, where people enjoyed peach beer, co-founders Jesse Wilson and Tom Jordan founded Jubel and have enjoyed great success.

With sharp branding and a penchant for some cheeky guerilla marketing, Jubel is a brand on the up and has earned a place on Sainsbury’s shelves.

Since their founding in 2018, Jubel has become the best-selling craft beer in over 400 pubs thanks to its flavour, and the fact it’s gluten-free and vegan.

In 2024, the only way is up.

Marks & Spencer

A brand that has done a complete 180 degree, M&S is a very different, and better business in 2024.

Gone are the dusty stores and stodgy clothing and has been replaced with a fresh feel that has agility at its heart.

Marks and Spencer are in very rude health in 2024, a far cry from 2019 when one of Britain’s biggest retailers fell out of the FTSE 100.

What was once thought of as an ‘old’ brand is now one that is looking to save the high street and campaign for causes.

By embracing modern trends and creating an in-store experience that is fresh and less stuffy ‘Sparks’ has set itself up for success this year.


These days, who doesn’t have an air fryer – seemingly out of nowhere these ovens-come-microwaves have come to dominate our kitchen counters.

And rising above all of them is Ninja.

Specialising in a range of single and dual air fryers Ninja continue to innovate with knives and food processors.

Ninjas continued rise came amid a pandemic and a current cost of living crisis that saw consumers look for more cost-efficient cooking methods.

As people continue to penny-pinch, Ninja’s rise looks set to continue.


TALA supplies sustainably-made activewear with a focus on inclusivity and quality.

Having only recently launched in 2019, TALA’s rise is meteoric. Ran by influencer Grace Beverley TALA is looking to offer high-quality activewear.

It was first launched with a licensing partner who wanted to leverage Beverley’s status as an influencer in order to earn sales. However, wanting to build something more, Beverley was keen to build something that would be successful on its own, without the need to rely on followers and likes.

In 2024, expect TALA to harness that innovative streak and grow further.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

For whatever reasons, some good, some bad, these brands are certainly one to put on your radar for the coming year.

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