The Social Media Marketing Masterpiece That Is Cardi B

This is my second blog in a series of ‘The Social Media Marketing Masterpiece That Is … ‘, the first being on Lewis Capaldi over a year ago now. Obviously, this blog is centred around the enigma that is Cardi B (real name Belcalis Almánzar if you’re interested). Now, I am a huge Nicki Minaj fan, in fact Spotify recently told me that she is my artist of the decade, but there is absolutely no shade coming from me in this blog because I’m also a massive fan of Cardi B. Why do we always have to pit two amazing artists against each other? Anyway, here’s the reasons why I think that Cardi B belongs in the social media hall of fame. 


Cardi B initially rose to fame on the reality show Love & Hip Hop: New York. Cardi was the loud mouthed girl from The Bronx with a big personality. Let’s never forget this iconic scene. Before and during the show, her Instagram was gaining popularity for her brutally honest video rants, and she really wasn’t afraid to show it all off – if you know what I mean. 


Eventually Cardi got signed and her debut single Bodak Yellow absolutely killed it on the charts, reaching the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100. The song played on her reality TV/social media persona of being the tough one that you don’t mess with, and many critics said she was going to be a one hit wonder and the fame would pass soon. It wasn’t until she released her second single, Bartier Cardi featuring rapper 21 Savage, her Motorsport collab with Migos and No Limit collab with G-Eazy, that people actually realised she might be here to stay a little longer. Then came the debut album release, a few more album singles and soon we see Cardi breaking records all over the place. Now, 2 years later, she is effectively a star.


But what makes Cardi B different? Yeah we all know she’s quite annoying and puts on a bit of a show. And as much as she’s not shy about her stripper past, she’s more known for being outspoken. But that is what makes her a social media masterpiece. Cardi doesn’t just use her platform to show off her amazing designer collections or sell appetite suppressing vitamins. She shows you the ups, the downs, the funny, the raw and unedited parts of her life. In a world full of 10/10 influencers with waists like toothpicks and so much Facetune they’re unrecognisable, she actually stands out for the right reasons. 


Cardi isn’t afraid to embrace her sexuality, show herself off sometimes, but she also posts about movements that matter, like voting and the Black Lives Matter movement. The majority of her content is her simply talking to her iPhone camera, how often do you see that on celebrities’ grids without them panicking that it doesn’t fit the aesthetic? This unfiltered approach to social media that Cardi has is definitely a huge contributor to her rise in fame, and it’s definitely deserved. 


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