The Ever-Changing World of SEO – 2019

Let’s start off by acknowledging that Google is constantly changing/adding features and updates to the search results. Either you manage to keep up on the updates or sadly your website begins to fall behind…

We can start to see that before we even get to our desired search, we are bombarded with Ads and then underneath, we start to find what we are looking for. So if you are ranking well in google but are struggling to gain traffic to your site in 2019, I will be mentioning two main features to help overcome this.

Step 1 – FAQ Schema

When referring to taking up more space on Google, this doesn’t mean simply writing more metadata, I’m actually referring to adding in Schema to your site. I will mention my personal favourite type of schema to improve your google search space, that is, FAQ Schema. As you can see below when searching for the keyword ‘Manchester SEO’ our site takes up a lot more room just by simply adding in our FAQs, resulting in more attraction.

To learn more about schema we have published a separate blog, discussing exactly what schema is and the other different types which you can implement into your site. This can be found here.

Step 2 – Domain Age & Authority

Nearly 60% of the sites that rank well and in the top ten Google search are around three years old or more. AHRefs conducted a study which demonstrated that or two million pages, very few sites less than one-year-old manage to achieve that number one page ranking.


Google looks at the domain age and see’s that if your website has been active for a few years, that means you are consistently providing quality updates and content. This shows that your site has a purpose, and you are not just listing a website that has been created for spam reasons. If you haven’t had your website for a few years, do not worry, you can still increase your search engine ranking factors through domain authority. In order to improve this, we implement a mix of great content and off-page SEO link building.


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