The Embryo Index Top 10 – October

Since the launch of the Embryo Index in August, we’ve seen companies move up and down, new companies added, sectors grown, and a lot of change in our top 10. This month, Wakelet have managed to pip UKFast to the post and become the number one company out of 456 for their marketing efforts. This is a big feat for Wakelet, as UKFast have been the reigning champions for the past two months. Other top 10 companies such as Urban Splash and Zen Internet may not have hit the number 1 spot yet, but they have seen massive growth in the past month, gaining 124.52 and 120.12 points respectively. 

Let’s delve into the top 10 a little bit deeper … 

Four of our top 10 in October are technology companies; Wakelet, UKFast, NCC Group, and Zen Internet. This isn’t surprising when you take a look at the average scores by sector. The technology sector’s average scores are the highest of all sectors across press score, web authority score, links score and keyword research score. It’s not by a small amount either. They’re paving the way for marketing. Well done tech. 


Two of our top 10 are property companies; Bruntwood and Urban Splash. Generally, property companies on the Index are riding on middle-of-the-road scores, around 400 and below. Our two top 10 property companies are the huge exception to this, with massive scores of 1655.66 and 1880.42. Press score is a big factor for Bruntwood and Urban Splash, both achieving full marks in this category. Unsurprising, as they’re both property giants in Manchester and constantly in the press. However, their review scores do still leave a lot to be desired. 


Peninsula, BooHoo, Morson and Lookers make up the remainder of our top 10. Morson are massively ahead of their fellow recruitment companies on the Index. They’re nearly 300 points ahead of their closest competitor, Pareto Law, largely due to Pareto’s unimpressive press score of 3/100. It’s worth noting that all four of these companies’ scores have decreased in the past month, with Lookers only just clinging on to the number 10 spot, so expect big changes come November. 


(BooHoo, Peninsula and Lookers are in sectors with very few other competitors, so we can’t really analyse these like the others – stay tuned for more companies being added to the Index!)


A recurring theme throughout the top 10 is that generally speaking, they have 100/100 press scores. Maybe this could be a tip for companies looking to move up the leaderboard for November. We’re looking forward to the next update to see how things change, but in the meantime, if you haven’t checked out yours or your competitors score on the Embryo Index, take a look here. If you’d like your company to be added, fill in the form here.


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