The Core Stages of Facebook Ads

Working in the confusing and ever-changing world of digital marketing, especially in social media marketing, it is easy to get caught up in all the noise and become busy sweating the small stuff.

Although I fall victim to this rather often, I am also a believer in minimalism and simplicity, so I can reign myself back in. Facebook advertising is a complex channel of marketing, however, it can be easily simplified and broken down into just three different steps. In this blog, I’ll discuss them with you.

The core stages of Facebook advertising are as follows:

  1. Stop the user scrolling.
  2. Engage the user.
  3. Convert the user.

Everything in between is where it gets complicated, so let’s leave that out for now and talk about the core stages.

Stop the user scrolling

This is where the importance of good creative comes in. It has become increasingly harder to gain the attention of a user, especially the younger audience. Therefore the creative is what will spark their eyes and get them to stop scrolling down their feed.

Engage the user

Once you have gained the user’s attention, it’s time to keep it. This is the stage where you have to become friends with the user and engage them with your content by providing some form of value. If you use the right techniques, this can be easy, as once you have their attention they are likely to engage with you as they are already in an ‘engaged mindset’.

Convert the user

After you’ve made friends with the user and bought them a drink, it’s time to bring them home. This is the stage where they carry out the desired action. Whether it be to click through to your website, send a message to your page etc, you need to convert them.

If you learn the core stages and study the methods needed to achieve this, then you can achieve your goals with Facebook ads.


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