Round-Up: PPC (August 2023)

So goes August, and as a result, another month in the world of PPC. It’s been a busy one, of course.

PPC can be a hard topic to keep up with, not only do updates and new features roll out but when they do, it’s imperative that campaigns are adjusted and tweaks are made, otherwise brands who run expensive paid media campaigns can see their performance dip. Thankfully, every month, our team puts together a list of all the important news to come out of the pay-per-click world.

This month, UA dies (for real this time), Google giveth with asset group reporting, and Google taketh away… the ‘Skip Ads’ button. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

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4 of the Most Important Stories from PPC in August

1. Asset Group Reporting Sees a Wide Rollout

Performance Max continues to be the hot topic for PPCers everywhere, and while it was rumoured, Asset Group reporting has indeed rolled out across the majority of advertiser accounts (we heard that it was rolling out at the end of August, and thankfully it turned out to be true)!

Why is this important?

Performance Max is notoriously vague on detail – in both targeting & reporting, but vitally, Asset Group reporting gives PPC advertisers insight into which Asset Groups are driving revenue, and at what Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Before this update, revenue figures were locked at the campaign level. This created a necessity for “hacks” like utilising Google Scripts to get any sort of data on what exactly is driving performance within Performance Max.

This is a massive boon for skilled advertisers and data-lead A/B testers – so it’s a boon for our clients too! Natch.

2. The Youth Continue to Surprise

According to a report by “Precise” & Giraffe Insights, the majority of Gen Z are actually watching YouTube ads – and better yet, half of those ad viewers can recall specifics about the ad, including product & brand.

This is inspiring news for advertisers. YouTube is a network that many wouldn’t consider for targeting Gen Z age demos, who may instead be putting all their eggs in the TikTok/Insta baskets.

The news also goes against the notion that Gen Z has low attention spans and simply avoids absorbing any sort of content from advertisements.

3. Universal Analytics Sunsets (For Real, This Time)

Despite the deadline passing way back at the start of July, Universal Analytics unexpectedly continued ticking along for at least a month – a massive relief and help to digital marketers who may not have completed their GA4 upgrade in time.

But in the final week of August, finally, advertisers received notification in ad accounts that any UA goals or properties would indeed stop tracking.

So yeah, finally, at least, Universal Analytics has sailed off into the sunset. The era of GA4 has begun.

4. YouTube Ads Rolls Out a Test that Makes Everyone Laugh, Then Sigh

If you’ve ever looked at Google search results and wondered “Was that ‘Ad’ flag always green?”, chances are you’ve been included in a super secret A/B test!

Google regularly test updates to their interface without announcing them, but this one stands out. Google Ads experts have spotted that YouTube is currently A/B testing a smaller Skip Ads button. And it has reduced opacity. 

Oh, Google. Every now and then you let the mask slip just a little too far.

This writer’s take: Google already understands that in order to keep people using Google properties, Google properties need to be usable. Trying to hide the Skip Ads button may artificially drive up viewability, and it may uplift Google’s profits, but it goes against making the platform user-friendly. And while Gen Z is great, I can only see this update causing frustration.

And I don’t want my clients’ ads in front of a frustrated user. End of.

Check Back Next Month For More PPC Updates

Another round-up done and dusted! As you can see, things move pretty fast and big, significant features drop all the time. If you have any questions about these updates and how they might affect you call us on 0161 327 2635 or email [email protected].

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