New Companies Added to Embryo Index (End of August 2019)

The following companies have been added to the Embryo Index during the last week of August 2019. The vast majority are from the legal sector, but there are also some (at the bottom of this list) that are from other sectors, too. Click on each company name to be taken to their profile page on the index.

We decided that we would concentrate on the legal sector this month, with sectors such as ‘business services’, and ‘e-commerce’ being added to over the next month or so. This is as well as adding companies to the index that get in touch with us, no matter what their sector is.

Company CODE Category Year Formed
Aaron & Partners ANPS Legal 2004
Abbey Solicitors ABYS Legal 2007
AGI Criminal AGIC Legal 2017
Johnson and Boon JNSB Legal 2015
Amanda Cunliffe AMCU Legal 2009
Amicus AMCS Legal 2015
AML Solicitors AMLS Legal 2008
Antony Hodari ANTH Legal 1984
Arshed & Co ARCO Legal 2012
Ashwood Solicitors ASHS Legal 2008
Affinity Seven Law ASLS Legal 2015
AST Hampsons ASTH Legal 2015
Aticus Law ATIC Legal 2013
AWH Solicitors AWHS Legal 2015
Axis Solicitors AXSS Legal 2018
Baker Chase BACH Legal 2013
Bakers Solicitors BKRS Legal 2003
Bannister Preston BNPS Legal 2017
Barnfather BNFS Legal 2015
Binas BANS Legal 2013
Blackstone Solicitors BLKS Legal 2010
Boeing & Wise BOEI Legal 2010
BPS Law BPSL Legal 2013
Brian Barr BBRS Legal 2010
Bridge Law BRDG Legal 2016
Brunskill BRUN Legal 2010
Carter Law CRTL Legal 2009
Chafes Hague Lambert CFSS Legal 2008
Clearview Solicitors CLVS Legal 2014
Clough & Willis CGWS Legal 1981
Courmacs COUR Legal 2014
Craig Gee Solicitors CGEE Legal 1997
Curtis Law CTSL Legal 2018
Ellison and Thomas ELTS Legal 2009
Essential Solicitors ESTS Legal 2012
Farley Dwek FDKS Legal 2010
First Law Solicitors FSTL Legal 2019
GHW Solicitors GHWS Legal 2012
Gowing Law GOWL Legal 2012
Hague Lambert HGLT Legal 2008
Harold Stock & Co HSCS Legal 2010
Haworth Holt Bell HHBL Legal 2004
Hewlett Swanson HEWL Legal 2011
HLF Berry HLFB Legal 2016
Howards & Henry’s HWDS Legal 2005
Howarth Goodman HWGM Legal 2010
Imaan Solicitors IMNS Legal 2015
Integra Solicitors INTG Legal 2014
Jefferies Solicitors JFRS Legal 2010
JMR Solicitors JMRS Legal 2017
John Black Solicitors JBSL Legal 2013
Joseph Daniel Solicitors JDSL Legal 2011
JPS Walker JPSW Legal 2016
JS Miller JSMS Legal 2001
Just Law Solicitors JUST Legal 2007
KhanMather KMRS Legal 2013
KHF Solicitors KHFS Legal 2006
Latimer Lee LLSL Legal 2006
Leech & Co LECH Legal 2010
LLM Solicitors LLMS Legal 2000
Lowick Mckay LKMS Legal 2013
Mary Monson MMNS Legal 2007
MCR Solicitors MCRS Legal 2017
Mellor Solicitors MLRS Legal 2017
Mendelsons Solicitors MDLS Legal 1989
Mikhael Law MKLS Legal 2012
MLP Law MLPS Legal 2012
Mortons Solicitors MOTN Legal 2004
MS Law MSLW Legal 2006
Nayyars Solicitors NAYS Legal 2010
Freeman & Co FRMN Legal 2008
NK Law NKLW Legal 2017
North Ainley NRAS Legal 2010
Optimal Solicitors OPLS Legal 2008
Osborn Knight OBKS Legal 2013
Pabla & Pabla PABS Legal 2002
Paul Darnborough PDBS Legal 2014
Pearson Solicitors PSFA Legal 2010
Peasegoods Solicitors PSGD Legal 1980
Pinnington Law PNTL Legal 2012
PLS Solicitors PLSS Legal 2010
Potter Rees Dolan PRDN Legal 2012
Prestige Solicitors PRES Legal 2012
Progressive Solicitors PRGS Legal 2016
Price Slater Gawne PSGL Legal 2012
R&A Solicitors RASO Legal 2015
RH Law RHLW Legal 2013
Richard Silver RDSS Legal 1999
RMB Solicitors RMBS Legal 2014
Ryan Solicitors RYAN Legal 2000
Sabz LLP SABZ Legal 2012
Salam & Co SLMS Legal 2014
Salehs Solicitors SALH Legal 1987
Sarah Dixon and Co SDCS Legal 2019
Sheldon Davidson SDSS Legal 2009
Silverdale Law SLVR Legal 2006
Simcox Oliver SCOS Legal 2013
Sinclair Law SINC Legal 2011
Taylor Price TYPS Legal 2015
Temperley Taylor TTSH Legal 2008
Paul Rooney PRYS Legal 2012
TEN Legal TNLS Legal 2014
Thornhills THRN Legal 2009
Touch Solicitors TOUC Legal 2018
TPF Law TPFL Legal 2008
The Rose Partnership TRPS Legal 2011
Versus Law VRSL Legal 2009
Whitefield Solicitor Ltd WFDS Legal 2011
Wrigley Claydon WYCS Legal 1795
Making You Content MYCC Digital 2014
BGN Agency BGNA Digital 2017
Foundation Recruitment FOUN Recruitment 2010
Pareto Law PARE Recruitment 1995
ESP Recruitment ESPR Recruitment 2005
Peninsula PENI Services 1983
Bright HR BRHR Services 2014
Apprentify APPY Recruitment 2018



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