My Go To Activities & Products Whilst WFH

Despite us all being in lockdown for 2 weeks now (14 days / 336 hours / 20,160 minutes to be exact), some of us may have been working from home longer than the lockdown period due to company protocol. In other words, I think we can all admit we may be starting to go a tad crazy with our daily routines. So for this blog, I thought I would provide you with some activities to help change things up a bit and hopefully pass the time for you, getting us that one step closer to seeing our friends and family again. 

Colouring Books

Colouring books have become so popular for the older generation over the past few years and they also have their therapeutic benefits too. Take a look at this Mindfulness colouring book on amazon that is perfect for sitting out in the garden with or on your dining room table. Colouring can be a simple way to relieve stress and help you to relax and enjoy something different for a change. With all of the negative things happening right now, it is easy for us to worry about things, this simple task is a nice way to forget about everything happening right now. It also provides a great sense of achievement after completing a full picture. 

Board Games

Board games are something that can really take you back to your childhood, have a nosy in your loft and see what you can find. My personal favourite right now is Connect 4, we can end up playing it for hours on a Saturday night at the dinner table! 

Jenga is also a great one for two people, however if there are more than two of you in one household then I would definitely suggest Twister, this one will have you all quite literally falling over with laughter!

Movie Nights In Your Home Cinema

If you’re a huge movie fan like me, the cinema is something you will definitely be missing right now. The alternative to this is simple, turn your lounge into a home cinema! 

  • Prep your movie snacks: popcorn, nachos, drinks, chocolate (for a real weekend special). 


  • Gather your blankets and cushions for the sofa ready to put your feet up for the film. 


  • Turn the lights off or alternatively if you have dimmer lights, choose a setting that you prefer for the movie. 


  • Light your favourite candles (yes they don’t do this in the cinema but this is your home cinema you can do as you please). 


  • For those of you who are lucky enough to have sound bars underneath your 65 inch 4k HD flat screen, you are in for a REAL cinematic experience. 


  • Now sit back and enjoy the film!

Invest In a Yoga Mat

Now that all of the gyms have closed, for some of us, it can be really hard to find ways to keep up our exercise routine, a great way to get back into this is investing in some new training clothes, home weights or a yoga mat. There are lots of youtube & Instagram videos you can follow to take part in. I like to follow Kate Ferdinand as she does regular home workouts with her family (so it’s great for everyone to be involved). Try doing 5-10 minutes of meditation or stretching at the end of your session to help clear your mind ready to tackle the day / get back to work. 

Night Time Routine is Essential 

By this point in your day you may have done a full day’s work, your hourly exercise, cooked your tea and completed a short home gym workout, now is time for your wind down before getting a good night’s sleep. A few things that I find help me sleep at night are:

  • Bubble baths filled with lots of Epsom Salt (to help relieve my muscles) 
  • Fresh bedding (nothing beats freshly washed sheets)
  • Pillow spray (I recommend deep sleep pillow spray by ‘thisworks’)
  • Reading a few chapters of my book (which almost certainly makes me drift off). 


If there are any other activities that you think will help us all at this tough time to keep our minds occupied, or may help speed up this lockdown period that little bit faster then please comment back and let’s share what is helping us all! I hope you are all keeping safe and the team at Embryo Digital send love to you all. We hope to see you all again very soon whether that is to help get your brand back out there with our digital marketing or to simply pop into the office for a brew.


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