Managing PPC Ecom Campaigns Over the Christmas Period & into the New Year

With Christmas and New Year upon us, what should we be doing differently to keep up with the seasonal demand in Winter? 

Naturally, during Christmas & New Year’s,  we will garner more attention for services and products from google searches. This means that our ads should reflect changes in people’s behaviour. Therefore having relevant ad copy is vital. An example of this would be including any Christmas, Black Friday or New Year’s promotions to the ad itself through site links. This period is important to double down on what is working as it is the most profitable time of the year. Now is not the time for testing new ad creatives or audiences.

How To Run Effective Christmas & New Years PPC E-com Campaigns

To find success during this shopping season, your campaigns should be optimised like below for maximum effectiveness. For e-com owners, it is imperative that we take into consideration the below methods for increasing profitability during this vital time period.

Optimising With Devices

When looking at what to optimise, an instant method of easily doubling your ROAS would be to segment the campaign into its own device to focus and scale further. This allows you to cut costs down which means you will have more budget for winning campaigns thus making you more revenue.

This can be done by going into your google account and going into your devices. Once you are in, you should be able to see the number of conversions you have with each device. Then to increase the budget for that device, simply increase the percentage for that device.

Plan For Increased Budget

With an increase in search trends, we can expect more sales during this busy period for us. Therefore, to stop the risk of our campaign pausing during a busy period we should allocate a 10% increase in our budget to ensure campaigns are running smoothly. This means, we are covering more searches but this will mean we will have a full spectrum of data for the algorithm to scale from.

Break Top Performers Into Their Own Campaigns

How do I double down this period to double my revenue? By segmenting our top performing products into its own campaign, we allow the winners to take as much budget as needed to grow and sustain itself so that it can fill up the searches for that product. With this in mind, you will experience a scaling phase meaning growth in sales. This should be done for individual products otherwise a group of products or similar types of products. The more segmented the products are the better your results will be when scaling.

Congruent Landing Page 

As important as the campaigns itself, our landing page must be congruent to the message we are trying to communicate through our ad. Therefore it is crucial that our landing page reflects any promotional offers we are advertising.

This means, each ad should have its own relevant landing page, this will increase our quality score and bring an increase in relevance to our audience which google rewards us for with lower cpc and more revenue.

Need To Increase Your ROAS Sustainably? You’ve Come to the Right Place!

If you’re new or have an existing google campaign or just feel like you need a little more help getting your work out there on a regular basis, we can help you.

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